Google signs trade deal with Wikipedia to pay for content

Tech giant Google has agreed to pay for Wikipedia content displayed by its search engine. Google will be the Wikimedia Foundation’s first paying customer. The Wikimedia Foundation is a charitable organization that oversees Wikipedia which is currently constantly updated by volunteers and uses donations to keep it afloat.

The foundation added that the commercial agreement will not impact individual users. Lane Becker, Senior Director of Earned Revenue at the Wikimedia Foundation, said: “We are delighted to work with Google as long-time partners, and Google’s insights have been essential in creating a compelling product that will be useful to many. many types of organizations.”

Google and the Wikimedia Foundation have worked together on a number of projects and initiatives. Content from Wikimedia projects helps power some of Google’s features, including being one of the many data sources that appear in its knowledge panels. Through this partnership, Wikimedia Enterprise will help make the content sourcing process more efficient.

Tim Palmer, Managing Director, Search Partnerships at Google, said, “Wikipedia is a unique and valuable resource, created freely for the world by its community of dedicated volunteers. We have a long history of supporting the Wikimedia Foundation in pursuing our common goals of expanding access to knowledge and information for people around the world. We look forward to deepening our partnership with Wikimedia Enterprise, investing further in the long-term sustainability of the foundation and the knowledge ecosystem it continues to build. The deal mirrors some of the other recent news contracts Google has signed with news outlets in Europe in recent times.

Last year, Google agreed to pay Agence France-Presse (AFP) for news content. The partnership lasts for five years and comes after France enacted a copyright law that creates “neighbouring rights”. The law requires big tech companies to engage in discussions with publishers who want a license payment.

Meanwhile, last year the Wikimedia Foundation officially launched its commercial product, Wikimedia Enterprise, for large-scale reusers and distributors of Wikimedia content. The opt-in product, operated by Wikimedia, was created to help organizations easily reuse content from Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects at high volume. Wikimedia Enterprise was also created to help diversify the foundation’s financial support, but is expected to represent a small portion of the organization’s revenue.

“In 20 years, Wikipedia has become one of the most trusted knowledge resources in the world,” said Lisa Seitz-Gruwell, director of advancement at Wikimedia. “As people and businesses increasingly seek to leverage its value, we created Wikimedia Enterprise to address the growing number of ways people encounter Wikipedia content outside of our sites and to further support our mission. free knowledge.”

Seitz-Gruwell added that the product meets the growing needs of commercial content re-users, making it easier to discover, search and share content from its sites, while providing commercial companies with a way to support and invest. in the future of Wikimedia knowledge. ecosystem.

The creation of Wikimedia Enterprise grew out, in part, of the movement’s recent strategy – the comprehensive and collaborative strategy process to lead the future of Wikipedia by 2030, designed side-by-side with movement volunteers. By facilitating the discovery, search and sharing of Wikimedia content, the product addresses the two key pillars of the 2030 Strategy recommendations: advancing knowledge equity and knowledge as a service.

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