Gong Yoo: Extremely happy that K content is getting so much love in the world

They were global stars even before Hallyu 2.0, the second wave of South Korean culture, swept the world amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Ahead of the premiere of their upcoming sci-fi series The Silent Sea on Netflix, powerful South Korean performers Bae Doona and Gong Yoo hope the streamers will help more of the country’s “stories and creators” to be discovered by the world. .

While Gong said it was an exciting time to be a “working actor” when Korean shows and films were making their mark in the world, Bae pointed out that the success of the country’s entertainment industry did not is not love at first sight.

“It’s definitely something I’m very happy about as a Korean actor and I’m really intrigued to be able to experience this as it unfolds as an actor currently active in Korea,” said Gong, who caused a stir with his cameo in Netflix’s Squid Game, said in response to a question from PTI at a Zoom Seoul international panel discussion.

Best known to theater fans for his heroic romantic outings in Coffee Prince and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Gong attributed the popularity of K content to the explosion of streamers.

“As long as you have a TV screen or a streamer, we live in an age where we can connect and enjoy any content from anywhere in the world very easily,” the 42 actor said. years old, who has a global fan. after courtesy of his roles in the 2016 zombie thriller Train to Busan and the 2011 gritty crime drama Silenced, added.

“I’m extremely happy that much of the K content is receiving so much love in the world, including Squid Game and Hellbound, and I dare say and hope that if we stay humble we can see the trend take hold. continue for a while, ”Gong said with the help of an interpreter.

Bae, who is already one of Netflix’s favorite hit series like Sense8 and Kingdom, said South Korea is a movie-loving country receptive to many international films and now the tide is turning.

“I wouldn’t say it’s something that happened out of nowhere or out of the blue that Korean movies and entertainment are loved by the world and noticed by the world. Korea is a country that really loves cinema, ”she told PTI, commenting on the rise of Korean content around the world.

Bae, also 42, first became a global sensation with her role in the thriller Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance in 2002, followed by Bong Joon-ho’s monster film The Host in 2006.

The actor, who went on to collaborate with the Wachowskis on sci-fi dramas Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending, is convinced that the popularity of Korean shows and films is here to stay.

Citing the examples of the widely acclaimed and award-winning titles Parasite and Minari, she said, “The way they work so well and are so loved by global audiences, you would think it was a very sudden phenomenon.

“But I would say we’ve always had these amazing, talented creators and films. It’s just that streamers, OTT services, and the changing media environment have provided them with a platform to be featured and found more widely in the world.

Bae is hoping that The Silent Sea, which premieres on Netflix on December 24, will also become popular like the previous shows from South Korea.

“What we are seeing now is that the stories and creators that we have long had are now being discovered and presented to the world and I am happy that many people can appreciate them,” she added.

The Silent Sea, written by Park Eun-kyo and directed by Choi Hang-yong from his 2014 short, follows the story of elite scientists who set out for the moon to retrieve unknown samples from a station. search abandoned.

Bae portrays the role of astrobiologist Dr Song Ji-an, who joins the team, determined to uncover the truth behind an accident at the now-abandoned Balhae Base Research Station on the moon .

Describing her role on the show as a “layered” role, the actress said that her character is someone tough on the outside but actually a gentle person who carries “a lot of evil inside.”

“It’s almost like she has to wear tough armor on the outside because she’s so vulnerable on the inside,” she added.

Gong plays Han Yun-jae, the leader of the exploration team who must complete a crucial mission with limited information. For Yun-jae, the safety of her team members is paramount.

Speaking about his experience working on the show, the actor said the team relied on a lot of tech support to ensure a realistic portrayal, whether it was creating a set or the surface of the moon. .

The show also features Lee Joon, Kim Sun-young, and Lee Mu-saeng. It is produced by actor Jung Woo-sung’s Artist Studio.

During a virtual press conference on Wednesday, actor Lee Joon joked that filming the series was not a challenge as there was a lot of dancing involved off-camera.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun on set, we danced a lot. It was almost like we were in a Bollywood movie even wearing the very heavy spacesuit and the backpacks.

“Unfortunately, we don’t show any of our moves on the show. But when the cameras weren’t rolling, the whole team… we danced really a lot and we had a lot of fun,” he added.

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