Gallup poll: Gender identity a divisive issue in the United States

June 11 (UPI) – A new Gallup poll has found that while very few Americans identify as transgender, most have an opinion on the issue.

In the investigation, conducted via a random telephone sample of 1,016 Americans over the age of 18, most respondents identified transgender as “morally wrong”.

One minute 0.6% of Americans identify as transgender.

Of those surveyed, 51% said transgender was morally wrong; 46% said it was “morally acceptable”.

“The new addition to the list, changing sex, is almost as divisive as abortion, which has generally been the most controversial issue,” Gallup said in a press release Friday announcing the results.

In comparison, 47% of those surveyed said the abortion was a mistake, while 46% said they found the procedure acceptable.

The annual survey took place May 3-18.

Respondents were asked questions about 20 moral issues. Gallup recorded the responses and provided breakdowns by age, gender, and political beliefs.

This marked the first year Gallup asked questions about transgender.

“In general, the attitudes of Americans have become morally more permissive on most of these issues over the past two decades,” Gallup said in the statement.

The distribution of opinions on transgender varied among identity groups.

Women and those under 49 were more likely to find transgender acceptable. People 65 and over were more likely to express moral qualms about this.

Transgender has found the least favor among conservatives, with 76% of those who identify as conservatives deeming transgender to be false. Those who identify as liberals responded with favorable morale 78% of the time.

The majority – 69% – responded that gay-lesbian relationships are morally acceptable. It was the fourth most beloved moral question after birth control, divorce, and extramarital sex.

Problems deemed least acceptable include adultery, cloning of humans and animals, and suicide.

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