Funny Burnaby drone video asks you to spot things

Someone has used a drone to provide a fun overview of the Burnaby metro area and challenges you to find part of the object.

There is a series of hidden object videos that have been released by the Eye Spy YouTube channel. So far, several have been uploaded, including UBC, Kitsilano, and Strathcona.

And Burnaby, with the drone heading along Kingsway in Burnaby. You can see the video below.

Each works the same way: a drone flies above street level and different unique objects are listed to be spotted during flight. For example, when he passes over UBC, he lists things like the tuning fork or a totem. A photo of the object to be found is displayed on the screen to help during the virtual treasure hunt.

Each video is about five minutes long, with three or four items to find.

The creator credits his mother with the idea of ​​using the new drone to create a game of hide and seek.

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