FOX Bet Super 6 has now dealt $ 5 million – are you next to win?

With a failed basket on Sunday night football, a lucky fan won $ 100,000 – and FOX Bet Super 6 achieved an incredible milestone.

This six-figure jackpot brought the total amount offered by FOX Bet Super 6 to over $ 5 million. Of Sunday NFL challenges the weekly NASCAR competitions and the latest ‘Stack the Money’ College Football Promotion, whatever your favorite sport, FOX Bet Super 6 covered you with a chance to win heaps of money absolutely for free.

Since its creation, FOX Bet Super 6 has seen dozens of winners, like Paula Hotchkiss, who hit the $ 100,000 jackpot last season the very first time she played Super 6!

And a mountain of dough ain’t the only thing FOX Bet Super 6 has given over the years. Some of the biggest promotions not only include cash, but also amazing prizes like a brand new Ford F-150 truck or a Camping World RV.

Now if for some reason you haven’t checked out yet FOX Bet Super 6, you might have questions such as “What is FOX Bet Super 6?” “

Do not worry; We are here to help you.

FOX Bet Super 6 is a free game where you have to answer six questions about an NFL weekend, an MLB game, a NASCAR race, and sometimes even pop culture and current affairs quizzes!

For example, if you’re playing the NFL Weekly Million Contest, you’ll be asked to choose which team will win and by how many points in six games on Sunday’s NFL schedule.

If you answer all six questions correctly, congratulations! You are the grand prize winner – join the ranks of our winners who, once again, have racked up over $ 5 million in prizes.

Ready to get into the game? You will probably want to check back this week “stack the money” college football competition, where the more people who enter, the more the grand prize increases. Last week the jackpot started at $ 25,000 before climbing well above $ 100,000 – and we’re poised for an even bigger prize in Week 6 of college football.

One last thing – if you’ve played Super 6 before, make sure update your app! The FOX Bet Super 6 the product is new and improved for this football season, with a redesigned lobby, a scores page presenting the odds for the best matches, the possibility to filter between the contests in which you have taken part and those which you have not, the possibility to compete with your friends and much more!

It’s all in the FOX Bet Super 6 app! Download and start playing today.

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