Florida sues to ban social media content blocking, taekwondo athlete prepares for Tokyo Olympics – NBC 6 South Florida

Here are some of the top stories from last week from NBC 6 News:

Florida sued to ban social media content blocking

Two groups representing online businesses sued Florida on Thursday over a new law to punish large social media companies like Facebook and Twitter if they remove content or ban politicians.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a bill that will allow the state to fine large social media sites if they deactivate a statewide politician’s account and will allow any Floridian to sue these companies if they feel they have been treated unfairly.

NetChoice, a lobbying firm that represents Twitter, Facebook and other online companies, and the Computer and Communications Industry Association have filed a lawsuit, claiming the law violated the rights of the former. amendment.

Tallahassee U.S. District Court Complaint Says Law Stops Companies From Protecting Users, Advertisers And The Public From “Pornography, Incitement To Terrorism, False Propaganda Created And Distributed By Hostile Foreign Governments , calls for genocide or racial violence, disinformation regarding Covid-19 vaccines, fraudulent schemes, gross violations of privacy, counterfeit products and other violations of intellectual property rights, intimidation and harassment, conspiracy theories denying the Holocaust or 9/11; and dangerous computer viruses. “

Elijah LaFrance’s mother speaks out weeks after the child was shot and killed. NBC’s Alyssa Hyman Reports 6

‘I lost my baby’: mom speaks as reward hits $ 67,500 in fatal Miami-Dade 3-year-old shoot

The payoff for information in the fatal shooting of a 3-year-old at a party in Miami-Dade last month exceeded $ 67,000 on Wednesday, as family members continued to seek help from the community to find the boy’s murderer.

Officials announced that the reward for information in the murder of Elijah LaFrance was $ 67,500 through Crime Stoppers, Miami-Dade Police, Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners, the Florida Sheriffs Association and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

The increase in the reward came as family members held a public appeal for information about the shooting.

“I lost my baby, I lost something that I can never get back,” said mother Terrissa Barron. “Please say something. Please, anything, please.”

Miami city commissioners are expected to vote on Thursday on whether to change the zoning in a historic part of Coconut Grove near Charles Avenue and the main road from a single-family residential area to a commercial area. Johnny Archer reports on NBC 6

Controversy over plans to build an inn in historic Coconut Grove

Miami city commissioners voted Thursday night on whether to change the zoning in a historic part of Coconut Grove near Charles Avenue and the main road from a single-family residential area to a commercial area.

The change will pave the way for the construction of a 66-room inn, to be called the Grove Inn. Behind the project is David Porter, the great-grandson of EWF Stirrup, a pioneer from the Bahamas in Miami who helped make Coconut Grove what it is today.

“The idea is to have a bit of commercial development at this end of Charles Avenue to bring additional income to our community,” Porter said.

The family business owns the property where the Inn will be built, which is directly across from the historic Stirrup House and behind the Coconut Grove Playhouse on an acre lot.

Miami-based taekwondo athlete Paige McPherson kicks off the competition as the Tokyo Olympics fast approach. NBC’s Amanda Plasencia Reports 6.

Taekwondo athlete Paige McPherson prepares for the Tokyo Olympics

With flexibility, a lot of sweat, determination and courage, Paige McPherson kicks off the competition as the Tokyo Olympics fast approach.

“It was a whirlwind. I’m just excited to get there. We hope we are in the latter part of the race, ”said Olympic taekwondo athlete Paige McPherson.

It’s been a long trip to Tokyo, but the taekwondo athlete known as “McFierce” won’t let anything stop her from representing the US team at the Olympics.

With the Olympics being a year behind schedule due to the COVID-19 crisis, McPherson spoke to NBC 6 about how she has faced the challenges of training with grace.

NBC 6 presenter Constance Jones takes us to a local team carrying on a tradition stretching back thousands of years.

Dragon Boat Racing’s popularity continues to grow in South Florida

The ancient sport of dragon boat racing is catching fire around the world and right here in South Florida.

For the past three years, the SoFlo Dragons boat racing team has represented the Magic City in competitions across the country. Once a week, members of the Dragons gather on the shores of Watson Island to train for hours.

Team member Phong Luu says the team needs to be strong, but it’s also a question of timing.

“You can see the synchronized feeling. It’s not just about paddling, but mentally, ”said Luu.

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