Family members say they would examine the contents of the coffins to confirm loved ones inside

Over the past few months, more than 50 families have questioned whether their loved ones were buried in the right place in a Detroit cemetery. Now some say they would examine the remains inside to confirm they are loved ones.

Detroit Police, FBI, Michigan State Police and others are exhuming a total of 20 graves to ensure bodies are where they are believed to be at Gethsemane Cemetery on the east side of Detroit.

It all started when Christine Beavers and her family exhumed her mother to move her to another cemetery. When this started, four bodies were found in his plot.

“They told me it wasn’t my mother, then they went to the left, the place to her left, dug over there, and it wasn’t my mother either,” said Beavers.

Her mother, Luevenia, was buried in Gethsemane in 2016.

“I have been coming here for five years, visiting a grave that is not my mother’s,” Christine Beavers said.

Of the 20 plots they unearth, one is Pandora Brown’s brother. She said a woman was found buried above her marker.

“You have someone else’s plot above her marker. We have no idea,” she said.

Police in Detroit say they check the serial numbers on the chests to see if they match and they don’t actually open the coffins.

Brown is ready to review more than just serial numbers.

“You don’t have to do the whole body, or anything, just show me their clothes. They’ll show us the photo, I have a photo too,” she said.

She’s not alone, Beavers said she prefers them to open the coffins to be 100% sure.

“I’d rather they would open the casket to see it’s my mom. I don’t really want to – but if it’s the only alternative I have to identify and make sure I can have some peace, that’s what I’m going to do, “she said.

While FOX 2 was at the graveyard, Beavers received a call saying they had found his mother. Gethsemane said it was in tomb number 220 but it was actually in tomb number 222.

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