Every British manufacturer with a Grand Prix victory

The British have an incredible heritage in Formula 1, with their many drivers and constructors adding up to make them more successful than any other nationality. Today’s F1 quiz takes a look at the most successful British manufacturers in Formula 1 history.

Since the inception of the World Championship in 1950, no nationality has been able to match Great Britain for success in Formula 1 – and it’s not just with the drivers. British builders have also achieved great success over the years.

And, alongside the influence of the upcoming British Grand Prix at Silverstone, it’s the manufacturers who are at the center of today’s F1 quiz, as we challenge you to name every British manufacturer to have won at least a Grand Prize.

To clarify, we are looking for purely UK teams – teams that have been licensed in the UK and are based in the UK.

Teams such as Benetton, Renault and Shadow do not count, although they are listed as licensed in the UK as they were also licensed in another country (Italy for Benetton, France for Renault and the US for Shadow).

The same goes for Mercedes and Red Bull. Although they are based in the UK, they do not count in this list.

There are 13 teams to name in total, and bear in mind this dates back to the early days of the World Championship era, so you might need to dig deep to flex your F1 knowledge!

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Good luck!

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