English Quiz for NABARD Grade A 2022 – August 4

Instructions (1-10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Discover the appropriate words.

Governance in a parliamentary democracy is clearly a matter for the executive 1. The judiciary is only meant to 2 the law and 3 justice in 4 with that. Any movement to 5 of this constitutional script would be 6 the delicate balance of powers and could lead to a constitution seven. Whether it is environmental conservation or 8 of the police and paramilitary forces, the executive is fully responsible and is not 9 to the people through their elected representatives. Policies, laws or committees ten on the nation through a judicial decree would undermine democracy, because our judicial system is not directly accountable to the citizens.

(a) mandate (b) domain (c) restitution
(d) emblem (e) probity

(a) introduce (b) modify (c) support
(d) interpret (e) govern

(a) dispense (b) justify (c) evolve
(d) sentence (e) avail

(a) operation (b) collusion (c) compliance
(d) fair proportion (e)

(a) counter (b) unfold (c) challenge
(d) negation (e) deviation
L1Difficulty 3
QTags closure test
QCreator Bank English

(a) disrupt (b) mislead (c) target
(d) force (e) dictate

(a) slowdown (b) anarchy (c) trauma
(d) crisis (e) market

(a) execution (b) result (c) operation
(d) selection (e) display

(a) deployed (b) served (c) motivated
(d) ideal responsible

(a) high (b) pushed (c) regulated
(d) committed (e) sacrificed

Instructions (11-15): Read each sentence to find out if there is a mistake. The error, if any, will be in part of the sentence. The number of this part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 5). (Ignore punctuation errors, if any.)

Q11. (a) States should be encouraged /(b) to pursue tax reform /(c) while redefining their spending priorities /(d) for better social outcomes. /(e) ​​No error
(has a
(b) b

Q12. (a) The Reserve Bank of India has /(b) time and time again /(c) expressed concern about banks’ exposure /(d) to real estate. /(e) ​​No error
(has a
(b) b

Q13. (a) The city must attract talent and capital /(b) from around the world /(c) if it is to maintain its competitive edge /(d) and evolve as a metropolis. /(e) ​​No error
(has a
(b) b

Q14. (a) The harder / (b) you work / (c) the better the division / (d) you get./ (e) No mistake
(has a

Q15. (a) In addition to the loss of revenue /(b) this arrangement promotes /(c) a climate of mistrust /(d) between the State and the citizen. /(e) ​​No error
(has a


S1. Rep. (b)
S2. Rep. (D)
S3. Rep. (a)
S4. Rep. (vs)
S5. Rep. (e)
S6. Rep. (a)
S7. Rep. (D)
S8. Rep. (vs)
S9. Rep. (e)
S10. Rep. (b)
S11. Rep. (b)
Floor. Replace ‘continue’ with ‘continue’.

S12. Rep. (b)
Floor. It should be “over and over again” instead of “every once in a while and again”.

S13. Rep. (D)
Floor. Delete ‘to’.

S14. Rep. (a)
Floor. Add ‘the’ before ‘harder’.

S15. Rep. (D)
Floor. Insert ‘le’ before ‘citizen’.

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