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Welcome to the Sun-Times Chicago Baseball Quiz, All-Strikeout edition. I’m your quiz master, Bill Chuck. These quizzes are designed to be fun and can be played by yourself, or you can test your family, friends, neighbors or coworkers. Questions are easy if you know the answers. Other than statistics, there will be no math. There will be a good mix of Cubs and White Sox and a mix of history and current affairs.

Let’s all agree on this point: there are too many strikeouts in baseball and too few strikeouts quizzes.

Are you ready for the Chicago Nine?

Just remember what Yogi Berra said: “90% of this game is half mental. “

1. From 2010 to 2019, which of these pitchers led Chicago in strikeouts?

a. Chris Sale

b. Jon lester

vs. Jose quintana

re. Kyle hendricks

2. Who holds the Cubs record with three out of five strikeouts?

a. Sammy Sosa

b. Javy Baez

vs. Geovany soto

re. Corey Patterson

3. Ernie Banks has played 32 games with exactly three strikeouts. Which of these Hall of Fame members has had fewer three strikeout games than Ernie?

a. Willie Mays

b. Mickey coat

vs. Hank aaron

re. Franck thomas

4. It took 17 innings, but a Cub became the only one to hit six times in a game. Who was it?

a. Hobie landrith

b. Kyle schwarber

vs. Don Hoak

re. Jody davis

5. On Wednesday, May 6, 1998, Kerry Wood pitched one of the greatest games in baseball history when he struck out 20 Astros and allowed just one hit. Who got it?

a. Craig biggio

b. Jeff Bagwell

vs. Ricky gutierrez

re. Moises Alou

6. While playing for the White Sox, how many times did Frank Thomas wear a Golden Sombrero (withdrawn four times in a game)?

a. Eight vs. Three

b. Four re. A

7. Fergie Jenkins, always a favorite of mine, was tough on everyone. Which of his fellow Hall of Famers has he eliminated the most times?

a. Willie stargel

b. Tony perez

vs. Lou brock

re. Orlando cepeda

8. Chris Sale has spent his career in the Sox, pitching for the Pale Hose from 2010 to 2016 and the BoSox from 2017 to 2019. Which team has he had more than 10 strike-out games for?

a. White Sox

b. Red Sox

vs. The same for everyone

9. Each of these Chicago players have had a strikeout streak of at least 20 games. Who is the one who has had a streak of more than 30 games?

a. Javy Baez

b. Adam dunn

vs. Daniel Palka

re. Jim thome


1. Jose quintana

2. Sammy Sosa

3. Hank aaron

4. Don Hoak

5. Ricky gutierrez

6. A

7. Tony perez

8. Red Sox

9. Adam dunn

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