Doctors are the cool new content creators

On National Doctors Day, meet these doctors who make health information fun and accessible

If we told you that you can follow your doctor on social media and get health advice – complete with original content – every day, would you believe us? Today, this is possible thanks to some doctors who publish informative and entertaining health content on social networks. We talk to a few of these “doctor influencers,” who share what drives them to go the extra mile to create content for their followers, despite their busy schedules.

Dr. Akshat Chadha; @dr_akshat (16.9K followers)

MBBS, MBA (Healthcare Management)

Dr Akshat Chadha

When I started seeing so much misinformation about health floating around on social media, I just had to do my part to make the right resources available. My soul purpose of being on social media is to provide a credible source for people, so they know what information is correct. I was a little afraid of being taken seriously at first, but the response has been incredible. I create content on health issues such as diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, obesity, PCOS, etc. I take at least two hours during the week and shoot the videos en masse.

Dr. Rashi Agarwal; @drrashipsychiatrist (21.1K followers)

MBBS, MD Psychiatry

Dr Rashi Agarwal

I started creating health-related content during Covid-19 when I was working in a psychiatric ward. I noticed that so many people were asking the same questions. So, I would choose common problems and answer them in a video. Today, I’m also busting mental health myths in my “Pysch Talks” segment. It seems to me extremely important to talk about stigmatized problems. When I started in 2020, there weren’t a lot of mental health content creators. Now it’s a booming segment.

Dr. Sid Warrior; @thesidwarrior (50.3K followers)

MBBS, MD Medicine, DM Neurology

Doctor Sid Warier

My journey as a content creator started when I tweeted an online neuro course I was leading. After the sessions, the students started asking me if I had uploaded my lessons somewhere. That’s when I had the idea for a YouTube channel. I even made a video with comedian Tanmay Bhatt. With my brain health content, I aim to reach the younger generation because social media is the norm today.

Dr. Riddhima Shetty; @friendly_ neighborhood_obgyn (32.8K followers)


Dr. Riddhima Shetty

When I started my practice, I realized that people were sorely lacking in basic reproductive health knowledge. The fault was in our education system; sex education was a subject that was passed over in silence during the school days. It is a largely misunderstood and taboo subject. My vision of social media is to send the message: we are here to heal, not berate! I make content on all kinds of reproductive health topics, from periods to pregnancy.

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