Dax Shepard teases Kristen Bell for not rinsing TP

And that’s exactly what Dax recently did on his Instagram story.

Filming the toilet in the couple’s bedroom, Dax pointed to a pad of toilet paper Kristen had used, which was resting on the outer rim of the bowl. “Well, damn it…what do we have here?” Dax joked. “It’s neither in there,” pointing to the toilet bowl, “and it’s definitely not in there,” panning over the trash can.

“What kind of ANIMAL would do that?”

But Kristen’s face says it all. ” I did not do it on purpose ! she cried.

“You MUST do it on purpose!” joked Dax, adding that the balance of the TP was too perfect for the misfire to be accidental.

“I could never have played pro ball,” Kristen added in her story.

Best part? This has totally happened before. Please see Exhibit A: another video from last year, in which Dax asks Kristen about her “intent” to miss the toilet bowl, which apparently happens “four, five days a week.”

“I was arrested by @daxshepard,” she wrote. “But peeing IS a waste of time, and [I] stick to that statement.”

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The couple that loves scatological humor together stays together.

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