Corrie fans unimpressed with hospital blunder as Toyah asks Abi about baby

Coronation Street fans were quick to point out a patient confidentiality error as they tuned in to Wednesday’s episode of the ITV soap opera and watched Abi Franklin end up in hospital again.

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Coronation Street: Toyah learns from a doctor that Abi had a baby

Coronation Street viewers were left unimpressed when they tuned in to the latest episode of the ITV soap opera.

Wednesday’s episode saw Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) end up in hospital again after crashing a car just hours after giving birth to a baby boy.

Toyah Battersby eventually discovered the newborn after calling Abi’s phone and a police officer answered.

When Toyah realized Abi had had an accident, she rushed to the local hospital and told a staff member at reception that she was Abi’s good friend.

The doctor then examined Abi’s condition and Toyah was shocked when she heard him mention a “placenta”.

Toyah Battersby from Coronation Street arrived at the hospital and asked a nurse about Abi Franklin’s condition



Looking stunned, Toyah asked, “Sorry, did you say she had a baby?” and the nurse suddenly realized that maybe they weren’t such good friends after all.

Just then, Aggie Bailey walked past and Toyah was quick to ask her if it was true.

Aggie looked annoyed that the nurse leaked such private information – as did viewers watching at home.

Abi ended up in hospital after being involved in a car accident



Taking to Twitter, one person posted: “Hospitals give anyone info now so they? Funny Aggie mysteriously showed up! #corrie.”

Another person commented, “These doctors have no patient confidentiality, blurting out that she had a #corrie baby.”

A third person wrote: ‘There is no such thing as patient/doctor confidentiality in #Corrie.’

And another viewer added, “What? The doctor just said all that to Toyah? #corrie.”

Abi was devastated when she realized it wouldn’t be so easy for her to bring her newborn baby home due to her drug use.

Someone else asked, “What happened to #corrie patient privacy.”

Toyah still managed to get into Abi’s room and asked her about her newborn son and the baby’s father – but she has no idea that Abi had a one-night stand with Imran Habeb.

Toyah tried to convince Abi not to give up on the baby, and her words seemed to do the trick as Abi changed her mind while talking to a woman from social services.

However, since Abi was on drugs when she gave birth, she was told that it would not be so easy for her to bring her child home.

The episode ended with Abi in tears as she realized her situation and maybe she should say Imran was the baby’s biological father.

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