‘Contents are fabricated’, says Bengal Interior Ministry | Calcutta News

Calcutta: In a firm response to Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar’s letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the Government of Bengal said the content of the letter “does not conform to the real facts” and “the content is fabricated” .
The Home Office statement posted on its Twitter account said the state “has watched with dismay and distress” as the governor “suddenly released” his letter to the CM “with content that does not correspond to real facts”.
The press release said, “The communication format violates all established standards. The letter was written to the Honorable Chief Minister and simultaneously published in the public media through tweets, which disrupts the sanctity of such communications.
Questioning the claims made in the governor’s letter, the state said that “the unusual step of going public in this abrupt and unilateral manner has shocked” the government “especially as the content is fabricated.”
He said: “While the post-election violence in the state did not abate when the Election Commission of India was in charge of the law and order mechanism, after the swearing-in, the Cabinet state ruled the situation, restored normalcy and established full command over anti-law elements.


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