Content Strategy with Jackie Lieberman of TAPinto

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Few people have an eye for content as good as NJ Flavor’s TAPinto Westfield and Jackie Lieberman, and his eye is impeccable.

Lieberman has been a part of TAPinto since its inception, and his content marketing background has helped shape not only TAPinto Westfield, but has also guided the overall content strategy of many sites that have had the privilege of learning from his expertise.

“I’ve been with TAPinto for about 10 years now,” Lieberman said. “I was one of the first franchisees. Prior to that, I had worked as a writer and editor for national and international magazines, local newspapers and websites. I had been an editor in the food department of Woman’s World magazine for four years before going freelance and raising my children. I was freelancing for various publications when I met Mike and Lauryn Shapiro. I loved the concept of hyperlocal news and the ability to be my own boss. ”

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Content creation and management are Lieberman’s greatest assets – and rightly so. Her goal is to be the primary source of news within Westfield and its content reflects her deep passion for the community.

“We want to be the go-to place for everyone in Westfield to hear from them,” she said. “If something is on fire, I want them to first look at our home page to find out what’s going on.

“We try to cover everything, although of course it’s impossible. We make a point of covering most government meetings, including the board of health and the school board, as surveillance coverage has become an important part of what we do, ”said Lieberman. “Of course, the police and the fire brigade are also important to us. But we also cover sports, things to do, restaurants, elections, the arts, human interest stories – you name it. We try to do as much investigative journalism as time permits.

However, when it comes to deciding which stories to choose, Lieberman is the first to say that it’s hard to determine which takes priority.

“This is the trickiest part, isn’t it?” Lieberman said. “Because now that we’ve been here for so long and really built a readership, people are sending us tons of advice. We keep a list of article ideas and every day we review them and prioritize the most important ones. Some things will fall to the bottom and never get written. Others, especially “evergreen” stories, might be awakened on slower days. “

While creating content isn’t always the easiest, Lieberman says seeing the impact of his content on his community is the real reward.

“We have brought to light important information that the public probably would not have seen,” she said. “For example, Matt Kadosh (editor of TAPinto Westfield) learned through court documents that a state soldier on leave was texting just before the car he was driving fatally struck a young girl in 14 years old. In another case, Matt wrote about a “Save the Children” march the EMS team chairman led downtown, escorted by police. It turned out to be a QAnon walk.

Lieberman’s content strategy has led to immense analytical success. TAPinto Westfield has been the most visited site on the network for over two years, reaching over 1.2 million users and 3.3 million pageviews in the past 12 months.

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