Content Creator Isoko Boy Announces Unveiling of ISB Originals Heritage Collection

One of Nigeria’s foremost content creators, comedian and influencer, Isokoboy has undoubtedly made progress over the years proving that he and his works are top notch and will surely stand the test of time with records of excellence, success and much more. He failed to grasp to use his influencer economy for his most viable state, which is evident in his huge Instagram followers and his drive towards fashion entrepreneurship that has successfully sailed since his birth. creation.

Isoko Boy is that guy who doesn’t just want or doesn’t like stress and with his ISB Originals brand that defines him as that original guy that he drives relentlessly to become a master of his craft. With an always enthusiastic personality, he has designed a new collection of which he has for theme, ISB Heritage.

To shed more light on this, he explains: “Who doesn’t like to tell about their legacy? Bet nobody, ISB Originals fans should expect Real African Heritage to be up to the leopard skin print on this new collection. Me and my ISB Originals brand have always had this African atmosphere, between I be Africa boy?

On what sets this collection apart, he says it is originality and creation that the iconic African style says it all. He has always incorporated his designs and ideas into what is at home without losing the connection to his roots, he strives to always position his brand as a celebration of Nigerian style and African fashion covering all options and all. the models.


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