Congress leaders fight for CM president, ‘weak government’ should be avoided, says Kejriwal

The leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Arvind Kejriwal, said on Friday that there was infighting in Congress for the presidency of the chief minister and the leaders did not care about the people. Continuing his tirade against the dispensation led by Charanjit Singh Channi, Kejriwal said the “weak government” had still not been able to resolve the sacrileges and bombings that recently rocked the Punjab. The government is weak and they (the leaders of the ruling party) are fighting among themselves for the post of chief minister. The power struggle is on… We must overthrow this government and put in place an honest government, ”Kejriwal said during the party’s peace march in Patiala.

“A few days ago there was an attempted sacrilege at the Golden Temple. There was one that tempted it (who was then beaten to death)… but there must be a brain, which has not yet been caught. The state government had said he would be caught within 48 hours. But, 10 days have passed, “Kejriwal said.” A few days after this incident there are had a bombing in Ludhiana. Nobody knows who the brain is, ”he added.

Kejriwal alleged that the cases of sacrilege and explosion were created to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere in the state and that a similar strategy was used in the run-up to previous assembly polls. “Before the 2017 elections too, there was a bomb attack on Maur Mandi… In 2015, there was an incident of sacrilege. If the brains of these incidents had been dealt with with an iron fist, no one would dare repeat such acts, ”he said.

The Delhi chief minister, who is eyeing the Punjab polls early next year, said only the state’s “aam aadmi” (common man) can save it. “Three Punjabis crore will have to come together to achieve this,” he said.

Pointing to the crowd, he said: “Thousands of Punjabis carrying the tricolor in their hands have gathered here in the name of three Punjabis crore to convey a message to these hostile forces, to the enemies of Punjab, that their nefarious designs will be defeated. , and peace and brotherhood in the state will be maintained. ”

Kejriwal said his party believes in empowering the people and allowing them to make decisions.

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