CID Interview Colleagues of Dead Guard in Contai and Investigate Murder of TMC Man in Mangolkote | Calcutta News

Calcutta: Two CID teams are looking for leads in as many high-profile murder cases in Contai in East Midnapore and Mangolkote in East Burdwan.
A state agency homicide squad, investigating the unexplained 2018 death of Suvendu Adhikari security guard Subhabrata Chakraborty, spent the last 48 hours interviewing the 11 cops who were present at the Contai barracks this fateful day. The marathon recording of the statements, sources said, lasted more than seven hours.
The team also interviewed others, including Chakraborty’s friends, who said the guard planned to return home that evening and that there was nothing unusual in his behavior for suggest he was suicidal. “Subhabrata was planning improvements to the home, including a new connection to cooking gas,” a friend told CID agents, indicating that the man had no apparent death wish.
At the barracks, CID detectives attempted to piece together the chain of events – from the time Chakraborty was found with a gunshot wound by colleagues to the time he was transferred to a Kolkata hospital from Contai. “His wife Suparna Chakraborty specifically said there was a delay in his transfer to Contai hospital and then to Calcutta. This is a key area that is under investigation, ”said a CID officer.
Previously, the CID had noted Suparna’s statement and that of Chakraborty’s brother, Debabrata, in the village of Sarberia in Mahishadal (Midnapore-East). Investigators said further questioning arose from documents received from the Contai police station as well as leads received from Suparna and Debabrata. Sources said that a special forensic team could visit the location where the guard is said to have been shot.
Investigators will meet again with the other guards who were part of Adhikari’s security services three years ago. Tamlouk MP and Adhikari’s brother, Dibyendu Adhikari, had previously met the CID at the barracks, which is directly opposite the family residence, on his own. The agency spoke to Trinamool Congress MP Mahishadal Tilak Kumar Chakraborty, who is linked to the deceased guard. The MLA was the first to know about Adhikari’s death.
In Mangolkote, the CID took over the investigation into the murder of Trinamool leader Asim Das. A six-member team met with his family on Friday and also visited the crime scene. Police have already arrested six people earlier this week. Two of them are men from Trinamool. The party, however, claimed the role of the opposition in the murder. Bhawani Bhavan’s CID team chose to go through the report prepared by the local unit before taking on the case, sources said.

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