Chicago police officer, suspect shot dead in Englewood on Sunday afternoon – NBC Chicago

A Chicago police officer and a suspect were both shot during an exchange of gunfire in the city’s Englewood neighborhood, officials said Sunday afternoon.

According to a CPD spokesperson, the officer was transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center after being shot near the intersection of 69th Street and Wood Street on Sunday.

Police Superintendent David Brown says three officers were in an unmarked police car in the 6900 block of Sangamon around 2pm when they tried to stop another vehicle.

The driver of that vehicle stopped in a dead end, then got out of the vehicle and began shooting at police, according to Brown.

One of the police officers was hit twice by gunfire and was taken to hospital by his partners in serious but stable condition.

Officers returned fire to the assailant, punching him once. Police said the suspect was taken to an area hospital in critical condition.

The shooting took place just over a mile from where another Chicago police officer was shot in West Englewood on Wednesday. This officer was shot in the shoulder and hit by shrapnel in the head, and was hospitalized in serious condition.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot released the following statement after the shooting on Sunday afternoon:

“In less than a week, this is the second Chicago police officer who has been killed on duty, along with a U.S. Marshal. I am grateful the officer is in serious but stable condition, and I “Have been in constant communication with Superintendent Brown as the CPD continues its investigation. Let me repeat, every day, every shift, our brave men and women of the Chicago Police Department risk their lives for our safety. But I have to ask again, when is enough, enough? Aren’t we sick of the catastrophic consequences of having too many illegal weapons available to criminals, the mentally ill and minors? How many times do I, and my fellow mayors across the country, have to implore the Senate to take action and end the easy access to illegal firearms How many officers and residents must be victims of gun violence before we act?”

We’ll update this story with additional details as they become available.

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