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Kochi: Former Tamil Nadu minister and AIADMK leader C Vijayabaskar appeared before the Zone Office of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Monday at around 10:30 a.m. to make his statement after receiving a summons in connection with the investigation of a fraud case. ED sources said he was questioned in connection with the investigation into the possible aspect of money laundering in the cheating case registered at Angamaly police station in 2016.
The source said that in 2016, a large jewelry company in Kerala filed a lawsuit against a woman from Alappuzha named Sharmila. The allegation was that she had taken gold worth Rs 2.5 crore and failed to pay the company. Police say she obtained the gold on credit claiming ties to TN political leaders and has not paid her dues.
Sources said the defendant said she did not cheat on the company and that the gold was given as a commission. “She claimed that she influenced Vijayabaskar to buy a large amount of gold from the company. She claimed that the gold she received was a commission for the transaction. The former minister was ordered to record his statement in connection with this affair, “said an official source.
Sources said the central agency also recorded Vijayabaskar’s statement in Chennai. “The amount claimed as commission is high and if so, there must have been a big buy of gold. These findings are currently being verified. The man is already facing several cases in TN. A full investigation is underway based on statements from Vijayabaskar, Sharmila and the jewelry house, ”sources said.
The TN State Vigilance Department was reported to have filed a complaint against Vijayabaskar for amassing disproportionate assets last month. There were reports that he was also under the radar of the CBI and the Income Tax Department.
Meanwhile, Vijayabaskar also issued a statement. “Sharmila Rajeev from Kerala had previously made unsubstantiated allegations against me in Tirunelveli in a complaint. I filed a defamation complaint against her through my lawyer. On the basis of a “subpoena”, linked to Sharmila, who has a criminal history, I appeared before the Directorate of Execution (ED), “he said.

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