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ST CATHARINES, ON, November 11, 2021 / CNW / – CGmagazine Publishing Inc. (CGMagazine) ends 2021 and looks to 2022, with a series of new articles, columns and awards to excite readers, expand reach and bring even more value to our advertising partners.

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CGMagazine took advantage of the year to bring new initiatives to the magazine, combining CGM Backlot in the main site, as well as the construction CGM technology and CGM family as a member of CGmagazine Mark. With that, CGMagazine editors have fleshed out the columns, editorials and interviews that the site normally offers. After the implementation of the new popular column, Parental non-reach by the editor Dayna eileen, they saw a sharp increase in the number of parents reading the site, as well as expanding our demographics to see a nearly 50/50 split between male and female readers.

2021 was also the year CGMagazine organized the first edition Brand of the year awards, bringing together the best brands in the games, tech and media space and allowing publishers and the public to vote on what brands do the most for their respective markets, but also as a whole. In a close race, CGMagazine awarded Danish company SteelSeries the award for 2021. CGMagazine plans to extend the awards until 2022, giving new companies the opportunity to participate and expanding the way the public can do hear his voice.

“I am delighted with the direction CGMagazine is taking in 2021,” said Brendan Frye, CGMagazine EIC. “We’ve done a lot of exciting things this year, including new Brand of the Year awards, expanding our reach and new columns that only add more value to our readers. We have big plans for 2022 , and I can’t wait to reveal them all at the end of the year. “

With the growing demographics in 2021, CGMagazine has also sought to increase review coverage, looking at a wider range of films, technologies and games to adapt to an ever-growing market. With nearly 40,000 readers per day across all media, the CGMagazine team is confident that it will only grow larger as we move into the holiday season.

Moving from Toronto, CGM is thrilled to be part of the Niagara region now. Along with the region’s schools, talents and industries, it will bring a new perspective to the gaming and tech landscape. With the region home to many independent developers, CGMagazine is ready to tell stories that aren’t normally detailed in other games and tech magazines.

With the end of the year The best buyer’s guide coming soon, and new reviews, features and awards already in the works, including coverage of the latest brands, mobile devices and the latest AAA gaming experiences, CGMagazine has big plans for the remainder of 2021 and 2022.

About Comics and Gaming Magazine

Originating from a Canadian monthly publication printed in 2010, Comics & Gaming Magazine has since expanded to include a globally distributed digital magazine, as well as a thriving website; all of whom seek to explore the culture and current affairs of comics, games, technology and film as it relates to a mature audience. With comics and games now at the forefront of media popularity, CGMagazine strives to better connect our readers to their hobbies, whether through news, reviews, interviews with industry veterans and newcomers; giving an overview of the influences and impact of these mediums on our culture.

Logo: CGMagazine (CNW Group / Comics Gaming Magazine)

Logo: CGMagazine (CNW Group / Comics Gaming Magazine)

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