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DOYLESTOWN – Yeagers are spellings.

Daddy Derek Yeager was a champion in the spelling contest, his eldest son Matthew made it to the regional spelling contest and now Andrew, 13, the middle child of the family, will compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Saturday.

By the fifth year of his first spelling contest, the only person who could beat him was his older brother.

After:Nick Williams of Bolivar ready for Scripps National Spelling Bee

Things have changed now.

“He’s more advanced already than we’ve ever been,” Derek said proudly.

This does not go unnoticed by Andrew.

“It makes me feel more powerful than him,” he said with a wry smile and a look back at dad.

But make no mistake about it; Andrew does not express a sense of family obligation or to his father or brother. No, he’s here to win, and “I’m pretty good at it,” he said.