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A NEW SURVEY says three in four voters in Greater Boston believe traffic will return to previous levels or worsen as the state reopens, and most are in favor of reducing or eliminating bus and transit fares for remove more drivers from the roads. The survey of 670 voters was …

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Virginia voters go to the polls for the primary | Securities

Voters across Virginia will go to the polls on Tuesday to select Democratic candidates for the state’s three major offices and party candidates for two dozen seats in the Virginia House of Delegates. All usual polling stations are open until 7 p.m. Most attention has been focused on the Democratic …

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Mexican voters go to the polls in biggest election ever

Voters will decide all of the 500 deputies in the lower house of Congress as well as state governors. Thousands of state and local officials and mayors will also compete at the polls. And although President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not up for election, the vote is largely an …

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