Forget polls, form unity government after emergency, analysts say

Lim Teck Ghee and Tajuddin Rasdi say a unity government will ensure a much more cohesive and effective government during the current health crisis. PETALING JAYA: A unity government must be formed after the emergency ends, instead of endangering the country with a general election during the Covid-19 pandemic, say …

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Voters go to the polls in the general elections in Cyprus | Election News

Ultra-nationalists seek to exploit the anti-establishment mood over the “golden passport” corruption scandal. Cypriot voters went to the polls for parliamentary elections on Sunday amid public anger over ‘golden passports’ corruption scandal on the Mediterranean island. More than 10 parties or political formations are seeking 56 seats in a vote …

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Advance polls announced for Fulton and Montgomery counties

FULTON AND MONTGOMERY COUNTIES – Voters in Montgomery County will have three early voting locations to choose from this year, while the more populous Fulton County sticks to the minimum required of an early polling station. A new state mandate in effect for the 2021 primary and general elections requires …

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