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Reuters: // realtime / verb = Open / url = cpurl: //apps.cp./Apps/econ-polls? RIC = IDTRD% 3DECI survey data

May exports at + 57.49% year-on-year, compared to + 51.94% in April

May imports at + 65% year-on-year, compared to + 29.93% in April

May trade surplus of $ 2.3 billion expected, up from $ 2.19 billion in April

Trade data due at 04:00 GMT on Tuesday, June 15

JAKARTA, June 11 (Reuters)Indonesia is expected to post its biggest six-month trade surplus of $ 2.3 billion in May, with exports and imports rising sharply amid high commodity prices and a recovery in world trade, a Reuters poll revealed Friday.

Southeast Asia’s largest economy has recorded a trade surplus every month since May 2020, as shipments were boosted by high commodity prices and trading partners easing coronavirus restrictions, while the resumption of imports was slower due to weak domestic demand.

The surplus in April was $ 2.19 billion.

Eleven economists in the poll expected exports to jump 57.49% on an annual basis in May, topping April’s 51.94% increase, while imports jumped 65% in May, compared with 29.93% the previous month.

“These large increases tend to be caused by the weak base effect of last year, as last year’s transaction volume was very low at the start of the pandemic,” said Josua Pardede, economist at the Bank. Permata.

Josua predicted that the resource-rich country would continue to show trade surpluses for some time due to high commodity prices.

(Poll by Nilufar Rizki and Tabita Diela; Editing by Gayatri Suroyo, Martin Petty)

((tabita.diela@thomsonreuters.com; +628561539032;))

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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Lots of new teams in the latest softball poll (syracuse.com rankings) https://buzzez.co.uk/lots-of-new-teams-in-the-latest-softball-poll-syracuse-com-rankings/ https://buzzez.co.uk/lots-of-new-teams-in-the-latest-softball-poll-syracuse-com-rankings/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:03:32 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/lots-of-new-teams-in-the-latest-softball-poll-syracuse-com-rankings/

Syracuse, NY – We asked area media professionals who cover high school sports to contribute to this weekly poll. Five points are awarded for first place, four for second, etc.

The electors

Phil Blackwell, sports editor of the Eagle Newspapers

Rocco Carbone, independent sports photographer

Victor Barbosa, sports journalist in high school for syracuse.com

Pat Spadafore, high school sports producer for syracuse.com

Class AA

1. Cicero-North Syracuse (15-0)

Previous row: n ° 1

Last game: 9-0 win over West Genesee

Next game: vs. Baldwinsville, 5 p.m. Thursday

2. Liverpool (11-4)

Previous row: n ° 2

Last game: 6-4 win over Baldwinsville

Next game: vs. Fayetteville-Manlius, 5 p.m. Thursday

3. Baldwinsville (9-8)

Previous row: n ° 3

Last game: 11-2 win against Rome Free Academy

Next match: in Cicéron-Nord Syracuse, Thursday at 6 p.m.

4. Fayetteville-Manlius (5-7)

Previous row: n ° 5

Last game: 12-2 loss to Liverpool

Next game: vs. West Genesee, 5 p.m. Thursday

5. Free Academy of Rome (6-8)

Previous row: n ° 4

Last game: 11-2 loss to Baldwinsville

Next game: season ended

Class A

1. Jamesville-DeWitt (16-1)

Previous row: No 1

Last match: 13-4 win over Christian Brothers Academy

Next game: vs. Whitesboro, 5 p.m. Thursday

2. Chittenango (12-1)

Previous row: n ° 2

Last game: 6-1 win over New Harford

Next game: vs. Auburn, 5 p.m. Thursday

3. Whitesboro (9-3)

Previous row: n ° 3

Last match: 10-7 v East Syracuse Minoa

Next game: in Chittenango / Winner New Hartford, 5 p.m. Thursday

4. Auburn (9-3)

Previous row: n ° 4

Last game: against 8-6, victory in Central Square

Next game: vs. Chittenango, 5 p.m. Thursday

5. Central square (9-7)

Previous row: n ° 5

Last game: 8-6 loss to Auburn

Next game: Season ended.

Class B

1. Marcellus (16-2)

Previous row: n ° 1

Last game: 1-0 win over Mount Markham

Next game: vs. Camden, 5 p.m. today

2. Camden (15-2)

Previous row: No, 2

Last game: 6-3 winner against Westhill

Next game: vs. Marcellus, 5 p.m. Thursday

3. Dutch patent (15-0)

Previous row: n ° 4

Last game: 7-5 win over General Brown

Next match: vs. Oneida, 5 p.m. Thursday

4. Oneida (14-3)

Previous row: n ° 3

Last game: 8-1 v Jordan-Elbridge

Next game: vs. Holland Patent 5 p.m. Thursday

5. General Brown (12-5)

Previous ranking: Uncategorized

Last game: 7-5 loss to Holland Patent

Next game: season ended

Class C

1. Cooperstown (12-1)

Previous row: n ° 1

Last match: defeat Oriskany

Next game: against; Adirondack 5 p.m. Thursday

2. Thousand Islands (18-2)

Previous row: n ° 3

Last game: 9-4 win over Port Byron

Next game: vs. Pulaski 5 p.m. Thursday

3. Pulaski (11-2)

Previous ranking: Uncategorized

Next game: in the Thousand Islands 5 p.m. Thursday

4. Adirondacks (7-4)

Previous ranking: Uncategorized

Next game: at Cooperstown, 5 p.m. Thursday

5. Sandy Creek (10-4)

Previous row: n ° 2

Last game: 12-10 loss to the Adirondacks

Next game: season ended

Class D

1. Bishop Ludden (10-6)

Previous ranking: Uncategorized

Last game: 16-0 win over Stockbridge Valley

Next game: in Hamilton, 5 p.m. Thursday

2. Poland (9-4)

Previous row: n ° 2

Last match: winner 17-1 against LaFargeville

Next game: vs. Brookfield / Lyme 5 p.m. Thursday

3. Hamilton (11-2)

Previous row: n ° 3

Last game: 10-3 win over Alexandria

Next game: vs. Bishop Ludden, 5 p.m. Thursday

4. Stockbridge Valley (8-1)

Previous row: n ° 1

Last game: 16-0 loss to Bishop Ludden

Next game: season ended

5. Lyme (10-3)

Previous row: n ° 4

Last game: vs. Brookfield on Wednesday

Next match: If victory against Poland 5 p.m. Thursday


Phil Blackwell: With all the good teams in Class B, both halves of the playoff table will be tough as Holland Patent, the number one seed, may have to face Oneida, and the No. 2 Marcellus must be worried about Camden.

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CommonWealth Magazine https://buzzez.co.uk/commonwealth-magazine/ https://buzzez.co.uk/commonwealth-magazine/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 04:39:46 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/commonwealth-magazine/

A NEW SURVEY says three in four voters in Greater Boston believe traffic will return to previous levels or worsen as the state reopens, and most are in favor of reducing or eliminating bus and transit fares for remove more drivers from the roads.

The survey of 670 voters was conducted by the MassINC Polling Group on behalf of the Barr Pro-transit Foundation between May 21 and May 28. Of the 670 voters surveyed, 418 lived in the city of Boston and 252 lived on or near Highway 128..

With transportation advocates warning the state should not revert to pre-pandemic traffic patterns, the poll said 74% of voters believe that’s exactly what will happen. The survey found that 42% of those polled believe the traffic will be about the same as before the pandemic and 32% believe it will be worse.

Personal decisions followed by these broader concerns. Of those polled, 58% said they would drive in the same way and 27% said they would lead more to reopening the economy. Conversely, about half of those polled said they would use public transport in the same way and a third said they would use it less – the percentage of those who said they would use it less. would use less was 31% on the subway and 34% on buses and commuter trains.

The top two transportation priorities for voters emerging from the pandemic were reducing congestion (95% considered this to be very or somewhat important) and improving public transportation (the total was 94%).

Meet the author

Editor, Commonwealth

About Bruce mohl

Bruce Mohl is the editor of Commonwealth magazine. Bruce came to Commonwealth of Boston Globe, where he spent nearly 30 years in a wide variety of positions spanning business and politics. He covered the Massachusetts State House and was the Worldhead of the State House bureau in the late 1980s. He also reported for the World‘s Spotlight Team, winning a Loeb Award in 1992 for coverage of conflicts of interest in the state pension system. It served as Worldpolitical editor in 1994 and continued to cover consumer issues for the newspaper. AT CommonwealthBruce helped launch the magazine’s website and has written on a wide range of topics with a particular focus on politics, tax policy, energy and gambling. Bruce is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He lives in Dorchester.

About Bruce mohl

Bruce Mohl is the editor of Commonwealth magazine. Bruce came to Commonwealth of Boston Globe, where he spent nearly 30 years in a wide variety of positions spanning business and politics. He covered the Massachusetts State House and was the Worldhead of the State House bureau in the late 1980s. He also reported for the World‘s Spotlight Team, winning a Loeb Award in 1992 for coverage of conflicts of interest in the state pension system. It served as Worldpolitical editor in 1994 and continued to cover consumer issues for the newspaper. AT CommonwealthBruce helped launch the magazine’s website and has written on a wide range of topics with a particular focus on politics, tax policy, energy and gambling. Bruce is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He lives in Dorchester.

It appears that voters see fare relief as a way to achieve both goals, with 84% of respondents strongly or somewhat in favor of lowering fares for low-income passengers and two-thirds of respondents supporting the reduction in fares for low-income passengers. free buses or the entire MBTA. In either case, however, respondents were not asked if they were willing to pay more (in the form of higher tariffs or taxes) to support reduced or free tariffs for others.

Earlier this week, the MBTA’s tax and management board authorized the development of a pilot project to test discounted fares for low-income passengers that could begin as early as June 2022 if the board’s successor board gives its approval.


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3 in 10 Republicans believe Trump will be reinstated as president: poll https://buzzez.co.uk/3-in-10-republicans-believe-trump-will-be-reinstated-as-president-poll/ https://buzzez.co.uk/3-in-10-republicans-believe-trump-will-be-reinstated-as-president-poll/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 11:55:42 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/3-in-10-republicans-believe-trump-will-be-reinstated-as-president-poll/

About 3 in 10 Republicans say in new poll they believe they are old President TrumpDonald TrumpJack Ciattarelli wins GOP primary in New Jersey governor’s race House Judicial Democrats call on DOJ to reverse ruling on Trump defense Democratic super PAC targets Youngkin on voting rights MORE will be reinstated this year.

The Politico-Matin Consult poll published On Wednesday, the vast majority of Americans reject the idea that Trump will be reinstated as president, 61% of whom are Republicans. Twenty-nine percent of GOP respondents, however, said they believed Trump would be president again.

More than 8 in 10 Democrats 84 percent and 70% of independents also reject the idea that Trump will be named president after it is proven President BidenJoe BidenHouse’s judicial Democrats call on Justice Department to reverse decision on Trump defense Democratic super PAC targets Youngkin on voting rights Harris calls first overseas trip a success amid criticism of the border PLUS cheated in elections.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman reported last week that Trump had pressured the conservative media to legitimize his conspiracy theories that the 2020 presidential election would be “rigged” against him.

The former president also told people in his orbit that he expects to be reinstated by August of this year.

“And none of this is possible. But that’s the kind of thing he’s trying to squeeze into the conservative media ecosystem, ”Haberman said during an appearance on CNN. “And I expect it to become more and more intense as it is investigated by the Manhattan District Attorney and New York State Attorney General and the threatens to be charged in the next few months. “

Since losing last year’s presidential election, Trump has repeatedly made unsubstantiated allegations of widespread electoral fraud and suggested that the election was not conducted fairly.

Polls show a solid majority of GOP voters still support Trump and his policies, with a significant number of Republican voters hoping he will run for president again in 2024.

Trump has not confirmed his future political plans, saying he is currently focused on helping elect Republicans loyal to him and his platform in Congress.

“As you know, it’s very early. But I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement,” Trump said early last month. “You know, for campaign finance reasons, you really can’t do it too early because it becomes a whole other thing.”

The new Politico-Morning Consult Poll also found that 59% of Republican voters polled said they wanted to see Trump play a major role in the party in the future.

In another key finding, 77 of all respondents said they believe American democracy is under threat, including 82% of Republicans and 77% of Democrats.

Morning Consult noted that only 4 in 10 Republicans said they had at least “some” confidence in the electoral system.

The poll was conducted June 4-7 among 1,990 registered voters. It has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

Update at 8:10 a.m.

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Virginia voters go to the polls for the primary | Securities https://buzzez.co.uk/virginia-voters-go-to-the-polls-for-the-primary-securities/ https://buzzez.co.uk/virginia-voters-go-to-the-polls-for-the-primary-securities/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 20:43:49 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/virginia-voters-go-to-the-polls-for-the-primary-securities/

Voters across Virginia will go to the polls on Tuesday to select Democratic candidates for the state’s three major offices and party candidates for two dozen seats in the Virginia House of Delegates.

All usual polling stations are open until 7 p.m.

Most attention has been focused on the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, where McLean’s former Gov. Terry McAuliffe is looking to earn the right to run for the post again. He is opposed by four candidates, including former Prince William County Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, current Del. Lee Carter of Manassas and current Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax of Fairfax County. State Senator Jennifer McClellan of Richmond completes the field.

In the race for the nomination of lieutenant governor, considered wide open, Prince William County Del. Hala Ayala got approval from current Governor Ralph Northam, but Roanoke Del. Sam Rasoul raised the most money during the campaign. Other candidates include Arlington Del. Mark Levine and Fairfax NAACP President Sean Perryman.

Current Attorney General Mark Herring, originally from Loudoun County, is seeking the Democratic nomination to run for a third term. He is opposed by Norfolk Del. Jay Jones.

Early voting for the primaries began at the end of April. According to the Virginia Public Access Project, about 114,000 ballots had been returned statewide as of Monday, and another 38,000 mail-in ballots were still pending. Mail-in ballots must be postmarked no later than Tuesday and received no later than Friday to be counted.

While small compared to the 2.8 million Virginians who voted at the start of last fall’s general election, the number was significantly higher than the 26,000 early votes that were cast in the 2017 primary, when voters needed an excuse to vote by post and advance voting. the window was shorter.

The 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates are also eligible for re-election this fall, and voters in Northern Virginia will choose party candidates in 10 districts. The tightest races appear to be in Prince William County, where incumbent Democrats Candi King in Ward 2, Elizabeth Guzman in Ward 31 and Carter in Ward 50 all face challengers for the re-election bid.

Elsewhere in the region, most attention has been paid to the 45th District of Arlington, where Levine faces a fiery challenge from Alexandria Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Bennett-Parker for the Democratic nod. In the 86th district, which includes portions of Loudoun and Fairfax counties, outgoing Democrat Ibraheem S. Samirah is challenged by Irene Shin.

Local primaries are also being held in Arlington County and the city of Alexandria, two Democratic strongholds. In Alexandria, former mayor Allison Silberberg is trying to regain her seat from current mayor Justin Wilson, who ousted Silberberg in 2018.

The 40 seats in the Virginia Senate, including the five representing Prince William’s parties, will be in place in 2024.

Candidates also filed their campaign fundraising reports for April and May this week, showing hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to local races.

Here are more details on Prince William races.

2nd district

The contest for the Democratic nomination in the 2nd arrondissement has quickly heated up and turned negative in recent weeks.

Candi King

The outgoing King won a special election for the seat in January with 51% of the vote after Carroll Foy resigned to focus on his campaign for governor. The district covers the east of Prince William, including Belmont Bay and Potomac Shores, Quantico and the northern parts of Stafford County.

King is challenged by Pamela Montgomery, a former officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps and civil rights lawyer.


Pamela Montgomery

In April and May, Montgomery raised nearly four times as much campaign funds as King. Montgomery brought King’s $ 585,851 to $ 165,152. She spent $ 478,500 compared to $ 173,806 for King and she has $ 142,163 out of $ 69,521 for King.

Residents of eastern Prince William County have started receiving letters of negative attacks from the two candidates, including one claiming Montgomery is secretly Republican and picturing him with former New York Mayor Rudy Guliani.

The ad falsely implies that two of the state’s top Democratic donors, Michael Bills and Sonjia Smith in the Charlottesville area, are right-wing “black money billionaires”. During the last campaign finance reporting period, Smith donated $ 281,000 to the Montgomery campaign.

The attack mails were authorized and funded by the Virginia House Democratic Caucus, according to the Virginia Mercury.During the most recent reporting period, the caucus contributed $ 62,237 to King’s campaign. Other members of the General Assembly contributed $ 14,450.

The Mercury reported the feud was part of an escalation in an internal Democratic feud between advocacy group Clean Virginia and Dominion Energy. Montgomery is backed by Clean Virginia, while King has accepted money from Dominion. The company has not provided any money in the most recent period, but previous reports indicate that it accepted $ 10,000.

The winner of the primary will face Republican Gina Ciarcia, a teacher at the Dominion Christian School in Reston, in the November elections. She received $ 6,175 during the qualifying period and has $ 5,383 left.

31st district

The most contested Democratic race is in the 31st District, which includes parts of southeast Prince William, including Montclair and Independent Hill, as well as parts of northern and eastern Fauquier County.

Incumbent Guzman was seeking the lieutenant governor’s appointment, but stepped down in April and is now focused on maintaining her seat in the House. She was first elected in 2017, ousting eight-term Republican MP Scott Lingamfelter and ending the GOP’s 16 years in the seat. Guzman won a second two-year term in 2019 with 52.6% of the vote. She won the Prince William portion of her district, but lost the small portion of Fauquier.


Of the. Elizabeth Guzman, D-Woodbridge

Guzman faces three challengers in the primary.

Rod Hall, transportation policy adviser and former member of the Obama administration, led the fundraising race with nearly three times as much money as Guzman until the end of March. However, serving members of the General Assembly are not allowed to fundraise during the legislative session, which ran from early January to late February.

Rod Hall 31st District House of Delegates Candidate

Rod Hall seeks Democratic nomination for 31st district seat in Virginia House of Delegates

Guzman has jumped forward in campaign funds as she changed focus, raising $ 253,639 through the end of May, although $ 70,000 came from her lieutenant governor’s campaign fund. Guzman spent $ 209,977 and has $ 114,698 left.

Idris O’Connor, president of Prince William’s Young Democrats, and Kara Pitek, president of the Potomac Democrats’ upper district, are also seeking the nomination.

Hall was second in the recent reporting period with $ 85,671 raised. Pitek received $ 24,747 and O’Connor received $ 4,284.

Hall spent $ 133,215 and has $ 55,705 left. Pitek spent $ 30,669 and has $ 14,024 left. O’Connor has spent $ 6,121 and has $ 2,737 left.

The winner of the Democratic primary will face Republican Ben Baldwin in the November election. He received $ 20,331 during the reporting period and has $ 34,887 remaining.

50th arrondissement

In the 50th District, incumbent Carter will attempt to win the nomination while simultaneously seeking the party’s go-ahead for the governorship. The district covers Manassas and Prince William’s Linton Hall district.

If Carter won the governorship and his seat in the House, a special election would be held for his seat in the House of Delegates.

Lee carter

Of the. Lee Carter, 50th, on the campaign trail.

Carter won his first two-year term in 2017, toppling six-term Republican incumbent and House Majority Whip Jackson Miller. He survived a main challenge in 2019 and won the general election with 53.25% of the vote.

Carter is a frequent target of Republicans and Democrats for being a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist.

Carter’s challengers are Michelle Maldonado, owner of a small business in Bristow, and Helen Zurita, an activist from Manassas who notably defended the residents of the East End Mobile Home Park in 2016.

Hélène Zurita Manassas

Helen Zurita, whose volunteer activities include running a food bank in Manassas, challenges Del. Lee Carter for the Democratic nomination for the 50th district seat in the House of Delegates.

Much less money flows into the race than the 2nd and 31st arrondissements.

Maldonado raised the most dollars during the reporting period with $ 30,088. She spent $ 37,032 and she has $ 14,696 left. Carter raised $ 12,501, spent $ 8,872 and has $ 19,858 left.

Michelle Maldonado.jpg

Michelle maldonado

Zurita has raised $ 2,945, spent $ 2,548 and has $ 3,968 left.

The winner of the primary will face Dr Steve Pleickhardt, who won the Republican nomination in a party poll, in the fall election. He received $ 4,884 and has $ 1,524 remaining.

51st district

The only local Republican primary takes place between two military veterans from the 51st District, which covers Prince William’s Lake Ridge, Woodbine, Bristow and Nokesville areas.

The seat is open after Democrat Ayala decided to forgo re-election to focus on running for lieutenant governor. Ayala won 54.6% of the vote against her Republican opponent in the 2019 election.

US Navy veteran Tim Cox faces US Army veteran Jeff Dove for the GOP nomination.

Dove leads the fundraiser with $ 15,908 raised over the past two months. He spent $ 16,113 and has $ 11,135 left. Cox raised $ 4,590, spent $ 3,389 and has $ 4,444 left.

The Republican candidate will face Democrat Briana Sewell, chief of staff to Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Ann Wheeler, in the general election. She received $ 85,960 during the qualifying period and has $ 167,793 remaining.

Other Home races

Four more seats covering parts of Prince William will not have primaries but will be decided in the November general election:

  • In the 13th arrondissement, Democrat Del. Danica Roem is challenged by Republican Christopher Stone. The seat represents Manassas Park and neighboring parts of Prince William, including Gainesville and Haymarket.
  • In the 40th District, which represents parts of the northwestern counties of Prince William and Fairfax, incumbent Democratic MP Daniel Helmer will face Republican Harold Pyon.
  • In the 52nd arrondissement, which includes Dumfries and Dale City, outgoing Democrat Luke Torian is being challenged by Republican Maria Martin.
  • In the 87th District, which covers a small part of Prince William’s west and parts of Loudoun County, the incumbent Del. Suhas Subramanyam will face Republican challenger Greg Moulthrop.
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Top candidates swap positions in poll on final stretch of New York mayoral race – NBC New York https://buzzez.co.uk/top-candidates-swap-positions-in-poll-on-final-stretch-of-new-york-mayoral-race-nbc-new-york/ https://buzzez.co.uk/top-candidates-swap-positions-in-poll-on-final-stretch-of-new-york-mayoral-race-nbc-new-york/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 02:17:41 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/top-candidates-swap-positions-in-poll-on-final-stretch-of-new-york-mayoral-race-nbc-new-york/

Tuesday marks two weeks before the New York mayor’s primary and with Democratic leaders continuing to swap positions in the polls, who could come out on top is yet to be guessed.

“When I win you win,” Eric Adams told a crowd in Queens on Monday after taking the last poll a few days before voting started.

“I don’t watch the polls. I don’t allow my team to tell me about the polls,” Adams said.

A new NY1 / Ipsos poll has Eric Adams up six points.

The NY1 survey shows Adams leading by six points over Andrew Yang with Kathryn García soaring to third place, ahead of Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, Dianne Morales, Ray Maguire and Shaun Donovan – 16% still undecided.

“At this point, the only poll that concerns us is the early voting which will start in five days,” Yang said on Monday.

The poll, however, was conducted before Wiley got high-level endorsement over the weekend from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a New York Times interview with a second woman accusing Scott Stringer of misconduct. sexual.

“It gives Wiley the progressive mantle. The question is, is it enough?” Doug Muzzio of Baruch College said Monday. “It’s ambiguous, it drives me crazy.”

Analysts like Muzio predict a photo finish in the mayoral race.

On the issues, the main concern of voters remains public safety, according to polls.

Adams initially accused Wiley and AOC of being too liberal, which he called dangerous for the city amid a spike in shootings. Adams softened that attack on Monday.

“Listen, I take my hat off to AOC – her mom was cleaning the houses, my mom was cleaning the houses – we know what wrestling is,” Adams said. Of Wiley, he said, “The difference between the two of us: they only have a prevention plan.”

Wiley’s campaign has made stops in the Bronx where the candidate has also pledged to stop the rise in violence without current tactics, such as the NYPD’s use of riot gear last weekend to evict crowds in Washington Square Park.

“You cannot stop and escape gun violence,” she said.

“I’m the only candidate in this race who has a real stance for police reform,” Wiley said on Morning Joe.

Much is still at stake with two weeks before the polls close on June 22.

Primary is only five weeks away, and this will be unlike any other in history.

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Eric Adams jumps in front, Yang slips in NY1 / Ipsos poll https://buzzez.co.uk/eric-adams-jumps-in-front-yang-slips-in-ny1-ipsos-poll/ https://buzzez.co.uk/eric-adams-jumps-in-front-yang-slips-in-ny1-ipsos-poll/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 10:00:00 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/eric-adams-jumps-in-front-yang-slips-in-ny1-ipsos-poll/

Eric Adams jumped to the front of the pack, passing Andrew Yang and building a six-point lead in the Democratic mayoral primary, according to the exclusive results of a new Spectrum News NY1 / Ipsos poll.

What would you like to know

  • Eric Adams is now six points ahead of Andrew Yang, 22% to 16%, a reversal from the April poll, which Yang led from 22% to 13%
  • Kathryn Garcia has 15%, a jump of 11 points from April
  • Only 16% of primary voters remain undecided, up from 26% in April
  • The poll questioned 906 likely Democratic voters from May 17 to 31

The poll found Adams leading the pack with 22% support from likely Democratic voters, compared to 16% for Yang. Kathryn Garcia jumped to 15%, marking a dramatic turnaround for the former Sanitation Commissioner, who recorded just 4% in the NY1 / Ipsos poll in April. This placed her last among the top eight candidates.

The results could signal problems for Yang, who has slipped in recent polls after enjoying favorite status in recent months. He led the race over Adams, 22% to 13%, in the April poll.

The latest poll, which polled 906 probable Democratic voters from May 17 to 31, found Scott Stringer in fourth place with 10%, followed by Maya Wiley at 9%. Dianne Morales, Ray McGuire and Shaun Donovan all got stuck in the middle numbers.

The poll reflects an increase in Garcia’s popularity following the approval of the New York Times and New York Daily News editorial boards. The poll came ahead of more recent developments in the race, including a second allegation of sexual misconduct against Stringer, and Wiley got the coveted endorsement of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday.

The numbers also show that New Yorkers are paying more attention to the primary and are starting to firm up their opinions in the final weeks of the race. Only 16% of likely voters are still undecided on their top candidate, up from 26% in April.

Primary is June 22, with early voting starting June 12.

This heightened awareness has eroded what has been perhaps Yang’s most critical advantage so far: a level of name recognition that has far surpassed that of his opponents.

Eighty-five percent of voters say they are very or somewhat familiar with Yang. It’s still the highest among the eight candidates, but others have closed the gap: Scott Stringer is now familiar to 77% of voters, with Eric Adams at 73%.

While Kathryn Garcia is only known to 54% of voters, it’s a huge jump from April when she was only known by 29%. The least known candidate among voters is Dianne Morales, at 35%.

The NY1 / Ipsos poll has a credibility interval of +/- 2.4 percentage points. The credibility interval is +/- 4.5 percentage points for likely Democratic voters.

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Sunday Fan Poll: Which Rams Player Is Most Likely To Pass 1,000 Yards? https://buzzez.co.uk/sunday-fan-poll-which-rams-player-is-most-likely-to-pass-1000-yards/ https://buzzez.co.uk/sunday-fan-poll-which-rams-player-is-most-likely-to-pass-1000-yards/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 16:04:44 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/sunday-fan-poll-which-rams-player-is-most-likely-to-pass-1000-yards/

There will be 17 games next season, so this is one more opportunity for a player to cross the 1,000 yard mark. All the more reason to say that “1,000 yards are not what they used to be,” which was about as true last season as it will be in 2021.

In terms of being a wide receiver, 1,000 yards are certainly not what they used to be. Quarterbacks throw the ball more often, receivers have more opportunities, and passing records are steadily falling. Interestingly, however, there were 20 1,000-yard receivers in 2005, up from 18 in 2020. Steve Smith of Carolina led the league with 1,563 and Randy Moss of Oakland was last with 1,005. yards.

But with 17 games and a few more assists than runs, players like Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods should be more likely to get over 1,000 yards. Kupp had 974 yards in 15 games and the only time he entered the Millennium was 2019, when he made 94 catches for 1,161 yards and 10 touchdowns. Woods had 936 yards in 16 games last season. After not hitting 800 yards in any of his first five campaigns, Woods totaled 1,219 yards in 2018 and 1,134 yards in 2019.

Although DeSean Jackson, Tutu Atwell and Van Jefferson have been added to the mix over the past two years, a Rams receiver other than Woods or Kupp is unlikely to cross more than 1,000 yards unless injured.

When it comes to being a running back, 1,000 yards are definitely not what they used to be. It should now be a lot more impressive when a back crosses that mark. The full backs are more often in the committees and as I said, the teams favor the pass a little more than before. Cam Akers is in a good spot for a running back as Todd Gurley has shown that not only can you exist in Sean McVay’s offensive position – you can play the lead in it.

Akers got a little high at the start of the year, then missed a few games in the first quarter of the season, so didn’t become the real starter until Week 13. But he had 390 yards in four games. Week 11- Week 14 then later ran for 221 yards in two playoff games. Akers has shown that, given the opportunities, he can produce even more than a “1,000-yard fullback” and I’m sure McVay is excited to give him those chances again in 2021.

Of course, Darrell Henderson can’t be fired and he could have fallen 1,000 yards last season, had it not been for the fact that he proved he… Henderson couldn’t push Malcolm Brown out of the box. photo and eventually lost too many shots to him, then Akers, and was basically out of rotation in December. But Henderson doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and if anything happens to Akers, we don’t know much else about running back competition at the moment. Moreover, Akers has yet to prove himself and has yet to earn the job.

So which player is most likely to get over 1,000 yards in 2021?


Which Rams player is most likely to gain at least 1,000 offensive yards in 2021?

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    Cam Akers (only for rushing yards)

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    Robert Woods (receiving yards only)

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    Cooper Kupp (receiving yards only)

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    OTHER (rushing OR receiving)

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60% of respondents say California gift card, lottery incentives are a good idea https://buzzez.co.uk/60-of-respondents-say-california-gift-card-lottery-incentives-are-a-good-idea/ https://buzzez.co.uk/60-of-respondents-say-california-gift-card-lottery-incentives-are-a-good-idea/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 19:45:00 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/60-of-respondents-say-california-gift-card-lottery-incentives-are-a-good-idea/

(KGTV) – One in 10 unvaccinated Californians polled in a new poll says he now plans to be vaccinated against the coronavirus due to the state’s gift card and lottery program.

A total of 1,400 Californian adults were asked about how safe they thought the coronavirus vaccines were. 36% of respondents say they think vaccines are very safe, 41% said they think vaccines are mostly safe, seven percent think vaccines are mostly dangerous and very dangerous, and nine percent say they are unsure.

56% of those surveyed said they were fully vaccinated, 10% said they were partially vaccinated and 32% said they were not.

Of the 1,400 people surveyed, 60% said the state’s lottery and gift card distribution program was a good idea, and 23% of those surveyed said the incentive was a bad idea.

In total, 10% of the 449 people surveyed said they did not intend to get the vaccine but are doing so now. 45% of those surveyed said they are still not planning to get the vaccine and 29% said they originally planned to get the shot and are still planning to get the shot. A total of 3% of those surveyed said they initially intended to get the vaccine, but no longer do so.

Data from the 10News, Union-Tribune poll was collected on June 4.

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Mexican voters go to the polls in biggest election ever https://buzzez.co.uk/mexican-voters-go-to-the-polls-in-biggest-election-ever/ https://buzzez.co.uk/mexican-voters-go-to-the-polls-in-biggest-election-ever/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 04:06:00 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/mexican-voters-go-to-the-polls-in-biggest-election-ever/ Voters will decide all of the 500 deputies in the lower house of Congress as well as state governors. Thousands of state and local officials and mayors will also compete at the polls.

And although President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not up for election, the vote is largely an assessment of his program.

Here’s what you need to know about voting.

The greatest election ever

Mexico’s 32 states hold local and federal votes, with representatives from all levels of government being elected.

The number of people voting is also higher than ever: 95 million citizens have registered to vote, up from 89 million in 2018, according to the Mexican Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

The coronavirus crisis will also mark the elections. Voters are urged to wear a mask and respect social distancing. The National Electoral Institute, which oversees the elections, told voters they were welcome to bring their own pens.

Polling stations will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, with the count beginning shortly after the polls close. The first results are expected on Monday, but the final results will not be officially certified until 23 August.

The man at the center

Yes, there are a lot of candidates, but the vote is also the appreciation of a man who does not show up, President López Obrador.

Morena, the party he created in 2014, hopes to retain a majority in Congress. But it is still unclear whether he will be able to secure a majority in the Chamber of Deputies, or whether he will have to rely on the support of his allies in the Greens and the Labor Party.

Morena holds a majority in both houses of Congress. And the party is closely following the agenda of its populist founder, promising to root out corruption and reduce poverty, while fighting for social justice and equality.

In López Obrador’s ideal world, the party would get more than two-thirds of the seats in the lower house – that kind of majority would allow him to push constitutional reforms forward.

At least 88 politicians have been killed in Mexico since September

AMLO has already succeeded in tightening its grip on power. It increased government control over the electricity grid and reduced the powers of some independent watchdogs. He also extended the term of a Supreme Court judge for two years.

Critics have warned that he may try to reshape the Mexican constitution so that he can run in a future election, despite current law limiting Mexican presidents to a single six-year term. López Obrador has denied the accusation, saying he will retire at the end of his term.

What does the opposition say?

Meanwhile, the opposition will seek to capitalize on voter dissatisfaction with the economy and the government’s handling of the pandemic.

The three largest political parties – the National Action Party (PAN), the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) – have joined forces to create a legislative coalition which they believe will be a counterweight to AMLO. and his Morena party.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador attends the daily briefing at Palacio Nacional on May 28, 2021 in Mexico City, Mexico.

At a press conference last month, the leaders of the three parties focused on the current administration’s management of the economy, security, health care, the balance of power and actions. which, according to them, lead to “the disqualification of the autonomous bodies of our country”.

Biden administration expands efforts to identify families of vulnerable migrants in Mexico for entry into the United States
Mexico has recorded more than 2.4 million cases of Covid-19 and more than 228,000 deaths, one of the highest tolls in the world. At the height of the crisis in January, nearly 30 public hospitals in the hardest-hit Mexico City reported reaching 100% capacity. López Obrador himself was infected with the virus at that time.

Mexico’s immunization program is lagging behind – only 18% of people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to official data collected by Our World in Data.

The country’s economy was shaking even before the pandemic hit, but the virus slumped its GDP by 8.2% last year, according to the International Monetary Fund.

In the throes of violence

The government is deploying 100,000 National Guard troops to secure elections after a campaign that has been plagued by violence. Political violence tends to go hand in hand with elections in Mexico, but this has been a particularly gruesome year.

At least 88 politicians and election candidates have been killed since last September, according to Mexican consultancy Etellekt Consultores.

They are part of a group of at least 565 politicians or candidates who have been targeted by some sort of crime, according to the cabinet.

Natalie Gallón, Matt Rivers and Fidel Gutierrez of CNN in Mexico City contributed reporting.

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