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President Biden has said he is ordering one billion rapid home COVID-19 test kits to be mailed to every American who requests them. The White House is promising eight free test kits for every American each month.

Biden also says insurance companies will pay the tab and reimburse most people for the ones you buy yourself. About 180 million Americans have private insurance policies.

Sending eight kits to each person would amount to up to 1.4 billion kits each month. Blue Cross Blue Shield told NBC News it fears it will overcharge retailers.

Experts say if insurers spend more on health services, they’ll likely raise premiums for customers.

We asked: Should health insurance companies pay for home testing kits?

“Cue increased insurance premiums.

Carrie Ann, Facebook user

“Who needs 8 tests a month? Thus, a family of 4 will receive 32 tests each month. Can we talk about unnecessary expenses? »

Facebook user Krystal Kapler

“Yes. No one wants a sick colleague or child at school, but sometimes people still go to work and school when they are sick. If they know they have the Covid-19, I hope they stay home. It’s also good when families want to visit elderly relatives!”

Facebook User Sloan Sloan

This is an unscientific poll conducted by 17 News. It is posted daily on KGET’s social media sites for varying duration at different times of the day. Viewers can vote more than once. It is not representative of Kern County as a whole.

VPR Polls – Vermont PBS 2022: January, Part 1 https://buzzez.co.uk/vpr-polls-vermont-pbs-2022-january-part-1/ Thu, 13 Jan 2022 10:00:00 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/vpr-polls-vermont-pbs-2022-january-part-1/

Do you approve of the way Joe Biden is handling his position as president? What about Phil Scott as Governor of Vermont? Would you support or oppose a statewide mandate to wear face masks in public? Should health workers give priority to vaccinated people over unvaccinated people if resources are scarce?

The VPR-Vermont PBS 2022 poll asked hundreds of Vermonters these questions and more. Find out where your neighbors stand on the issues.

Note: This is the first half of a survey conducted in January 2022 by VPR and Vermont PBS. The second half is to come in early February.

Coverage and analysis

Tune in to VPR and Vermont PBS for survey coverage and related questions:

Survey results: at a glance

The complete survey has a sampling error of 4%; this varies with the total number of respondents. See appendix below for sample and method details.

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden handles his job as president?

45% approve
43% disapprove
11% Not sure / no opinion
1% Refused

600 Total respondents

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Phil Scott is handling his governorship of Vermont?

60% approve
25% disapprove
14% Not sure / no opinion
1% Refused

600 Total respondents

If the 2022 Democratic primary for a seat in the United States House of Representatives was held today, would you be in favor?

7% Becca Balint
21% Molly Gray
8% Someone else
30% chance of not voting in the Democratic primary
32% Not sure

600 Total respondents

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Phil Scott handled the COVID-19 pandemic?

68% approval
22% disapprove
10% Not sure / no opinion

600 Total respondents

Would you support or oppose a statewide mandate to require the wearing of face masks in public?

58% approve
36% disapprove
5% Not sure / no opinion
1% Refused

600 Total respondents

Would you consider restoring emergency powers to deal with the current pandemic situation as an abuse of power or a reasonable response to the situation?

26% Abuse of power
56% reasonable response
15% Not sure / No opinion
3% Decline

600 Total respondents

In your opinion, should health care providers prioritize those vaccinated over unvaccinated people if resources are scarce?

31% Yes
58% No
10% Not sure / No opinion
1% Decline

600 Total respondents

Should public schools require students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 once the vaccine is available for all ages?

60% Yes
35% No
5% Not sure / No opinion
1% Decline

600 Total respondents

Should proof of vaccination be required for admission to public places, such as restaurants, shops and places of entertainment?

47% Yes
47% No
6% Not sure / No opinion

600 Total respondents

How often do you wear a mask when you are indoors away from home?

51% still
21% Usually
11% Sometimes
7% Rarely
9% Never
1% Never go indoors other than at home

600 Total respondents

Complete results, method, sampling error and survey

Download survey data, methodology, sampling error, weighted data and survey instrument.

Attribution & credit


You are free to use and share this survey data, provided that you:

  • Maintain data and results integrity
  • Provide credit / attribution to “VPR – Vermont PBS 2022 Poll” wherever data is used eg broadcast, web, social media
  • Direct link to this page, where possible, for example on the web and social media


The VPR – Vermont PBS 2022 poll is a collaboration between Vermont Public Radio and Vermont PBS and was made possible by our supporters. Braun Research conducted the survey under the direction of Dr. Richard Clark.

Do you have questions, comments or advice? Send us a message or tweet us @vprnet.

Turkey’s economic woes hurt Erdogan – polls | The powerful 790 KFGO https://buzzez.co.uk/turkeys-economic-woes-hurt-erdogan-polls-the-powerful-790-kfgo/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 15:13:49 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/turkeys-economic-woes-hurt-erdogan-polls-the-powerful-790-kfgo/

By Ali Kucukgocmen

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – More and more Turks now believe that an opposition alliance is better suited than President Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling AKP (AKP) party to end the economic turmoil that has ravaged their country, according to a series of opinion polls released this month.

Under pressure from Erdogan and despite high inflation, the central bank has cut interest rates by 500 basis points since September, triggering a currency crisis that saw the pound lira drop last month to 18.4 to one. dollar, its lowest level on record.

Inflation has peaked at 36% in 19 years, seriously eroding incomes, especially of working Turks and the lower middle class who form the electoral base of the Islamist-born AKP.

The government has introduced fiscal measures to ease the currency’s volatility, but the pound is still 46% weaker than a year ago and Erdogan, who wants to boost exports and credit, has refused to change course despite growing public discontent.

Metropoll Research polls show Erdogan’s approval rating, who has ruled Turkey for 19 years and faces elections by mid-2023, is lowest since 2015, at 38.6% . His popularity is lower than that of three potential presidential rivals, they show.

A poll by the Sosyo Politik Field Research Center puts support for the AKP at 27%, compared with 37% who said they voted for the party in the last parliamentary elections in 2018. AKP’s nationalist ally in parliament, the MHP, was at 6.3%, against 7.3% who said they voted for the party in 2018.

The main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) had 22.9% support and its ally IYI 10.3%, while the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) had 9.4%. Over 11% were undecided.


An ORC Research poll conducted last week showed support for AKP-MHP to be 38.7%, lagging behind CHP-IYI by 39.5%. Support stood at 8.4% for the HDP, which informally backed the opposition coalition in the 2019 municipal elections which saw the AKP lose control of Istanbul and Ankara, the most major cities of Turkey.

About two-thirds of those polled told Sosyo Politik that the economy was Turkey’s biggest problem. More than half said recent government measures would not improve the economy.

A second Metropoll survey showed that 36.7% believed that the opposition coalition was best placed to manage the economy compared to 35.4% for the AKP-MHP.

Around 38% of those polled said they admire Erdogan – who received over 52% in the 2018 presidential election – while the mayor of Ankara Mansur Yavas and the mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu, both of the CHP, obtained 60% and 51% respectively.

IYI party leader Meral Aksener was at 38.5%.

(Reporting by Ali Kucukgocmen; Editing by Jonathan Spicer and Gareth Jones)

]]> UP polls: Union Minister Anupriya Patel, BJP leader Dayashankar Singh in contact with SP, says Rajbhar https://buzzez.co.uk/up-polls-union-minister-anupriya-patel-bjp-leader-dayashankar-singh-in-contact-with-sp-says-rajbhar/ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 18:29:27 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/up-polls-union-minister-anupriya-patel-bjp-leader-dayashankar-singh-in-contact-with-sp-says-rajbhar/

Om Prakash Rajbhar

New Delhi: Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj party leader Om Prakash Rajbhar claimed on Sunday that a top BJP leader had met him at his residence, which he had offered to challenge on his party’s ticket in assembly polls of Uttar Pradesh if the ruling party denied him the chance.

He also claimed that the Union Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Anupriya Patel, was in contact with the opposition Samajwadi (SP) party for the elections.

Rajbhar added that several BJP ministers are in contact with SP chief Akhilesh Yadav.

Rajbhar’s party has forged an alliance with the SP for the state assembly polls set to begin on February 10.

Speaking to a news channel, Party leader Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj (SBSP) said BJP ministers met Akhilesh Yadav late at night and then the SP leader asked for his opinion.

“A BJP leader met me over a cup of tea. I asked him where is he arguing from, after which he asked me the same question. I told him the list was not finalized yet. He then said he was preparing to run in the assembly constituency of Sarojini Nagar. Rajbhar said.

“I told him you are getting ready for the election and if the party (BJP) doesn’t give you a ticket then you can fight the polls on our party ticket,” he said.

An SBSP leader said the BJP leader in question was Dayashankar Singh, the UP vice-president of the BJP.

When contacted, Dayashankar Singh told PTI: “We know each other very well and it was an informal meeting (with Rajbhar). “

At present, the Assembly constituency of Sarojini Nagar is owned by Minister of State Swati Singh, wife of Dayashankar Singh.

Meanwhile, Rajbhar also told PTI: “Union Minister and President of Apna Dal (Sonelal) Anupriya Patel is in contact with the SP. Talks are underway between Anupriya and the SP leadership. defined in Uttar Pradesh. “

He said how far the talks have progressed, only Akhilesh Yadav can say something about it.

However, Ashish Patel, the incumbent chairman of Apna Dal (Sonelal), told PTI: “For Rajbhar, it is enough to know that Apna Dal (S) is part of the NDA led by the BJP. The BJP continues, and this time the party will contest more seats than in the previous election. “

In the 2017 State Assembly polls, Apna Dal (S) ran as an ally of the BJP with 12 seats and won nine seats.

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bjp: UP polls: BJP bets on Hindutva, Labharthi takes action to counter opposition caste arithmetic https://buzzez.co.uk/bjp-up-polls-bjp-bets-on-hindutva-labharthi-takes-action-to-counter-opposition-caste-arithmetic/ Sat, 08 Jan 2022 02:04:00 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/bjp-up-polls-bjp-bets-on-hindutva-labharthi-takes-action-to-counter-opposition-caste-arithmetic/ The challenge for the ruling BJP in Uttar Pradesh is to repeat its performance of 2017. In 2017, the party had won 16 of 17 seats in the Aligarh Division Assembly. On the other hand, the challenge for the opposition, mainly the Samajwadi Party (SP) and the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) alliance, is to break through the electoral consolidation of the BJP.

On the ground, there are several issues that voters discuss before the assembly election. The issue of stray cattle is one of them. Villagers in almost all villages complain about the destruction of crops due to the threat of stray cattle.

Ganpat Singh, a 55-year-old farmer from Rustamgarh village in Khair Assembly constituency, said his five bigha mustard crop was damaged by stray cattle last week. “There are about 50 stray cattle in our village and it has become a huge problem for us. We watch all night long but if they all congregate towards your field there is not much you can do,” a- he told ET. “There is no gaushala (cow shelter) in our village and our request to the government is to save us from it.”

In almost every village there are one or two people who have been injured in attacks by stray cattle. “This is the biggest problem in our village because eight to ten people were injured. We will vote for the RLD this time,” said Hakim Singh, a 55-year-old farmer from Bisawar, one of the largest villages in the region. Jat. community of the Aligarh region. Subhash Singh, 26, from Rustamgarh was attacked by stray cattle the night before and he was lying on his bed with a plaster cast on his left leg. “Two cows just got on the road and I couldn’t control my bike,” he said.

“We are used to it now,” said Lokesh Tiwari, 30, from Nadroi village. “The gaushala also leaves the cows overnight and we have to live with it.”

However, this is not necessarily an electoral problem for a lot of people. “We will vote for the BJP no matter what,” said Subhash Singh.

Others in Rustam Garh, all from the Banjara community, echoed this point of view. “The government has done enough. We get free rations, free toilets and even houses, ”said Ajab Singh Nayak from the same village.

“There are 22 Brahmin villages in the area and they are called Baiesee. Our votes go to the BJP,” Lokesh Tiwari said.

The Hindutva factor is also present and for some it dominates any other problem. “For us, it is more important to prevent this country from becoming Pakistan,” said Shree Bhagwan Parashar from the city of Sadabad. “The vote would also depend on who becomes the BJP candidate.”

Sadabad was the only seat won by Ramveer Upadhyay of BSP. His family members have joined the BJP but he still has not joined the party. “If he challenges, most people will vote for him,” said Atul Narayan of Hathras.

There are four districts in Aligarh Division – Aligarh, Hathras, Etah and Kasganj. The BJP is betting on a larger Hindutva umbrella and beneficiaries among the lower castes and other backward castes (OBC) non Yadav and non Jat. The party is also trying to woo the Jats through the new Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh University in Aligarh.

The opposition tries to pose a challenge through the caste arithmetic of Jats, Yadavs and Muslims in some seats, as well as a few voices from other communities. The SP won 11 out of 17 seats in 2012 while the RLD and BSP won three each. The atmosphere on the ground is more of a bipolar battle between the BJP and the SP-RLD. “The BJP could lose a few seats but the party will return to power,” said Yogesh Kumar, director of a gaushala in the village of Lodha.

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Governor Malik could be sacked after UP polls https://buzzez.co.uk/governor-malik-could-be-sacked-after-up-polls/ Thu, 06 Jan 2022 01:30:57 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/governor-malik-could-be-sacked-after-up-polls/

NEW DELHI, January 5: Meghalaya governor Satya Pal Malik could be replaced or sacked for repeatedly criticizing the RSS, the ruling BJP and its main leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, following the elections to the Assembly in Uttar Pradesh and four other states, party sources said.
BJP and RSS leaders are “quite unhappy” with Malik but will take no immediate action given the Assembly polls in UP, where farmers’ votes play a big role.
The governor, in the national capital since New Year’s Day, met with heads of operations and was given a “siropa” on Tuesday.
The farmers of Punjab also invited Malik to visit their electoral state to honor him with the title “Awaz-e-Hind” (Voice of India). The farmers praised Malik for tackling their problem at the highest level.
But with the UP elections in mind, the government and party decided to remain silent for now and avoid giving Malik another handle against Modi or letting him embarrass the party further. Any action against him at that time could give rival parties a boost, party leaders said.
Malik was a member of almost every major political party and has ties to leaders of all parties. He also belongs to the western region of the UP, where the BJP strives to make amends with the politically important Jat community following the unrest sparked by the three agricultural laws.
Malik began to criticize the BJP after being transferred to Goa after Jammu and Kashmir became Union territory. Following a serious dispute with the government of Goa, he was transferred to the Meghalaya but continued his criticism of the party and its leadership which reached a crescendo during the farmer’s unrest that lasted throughout the year.
In the meantime, he has taken the RSS head-on by indirectly accusing one of its main leaders, Ram Madhav, of offering him a huge sum of money for controversial deals with J&K. Madhav was previously in charge of BJP in Meghalaya.
Malik, who has only a few months left as governor, had placed the proverbial cat among the pigeons after suggesting that Home Secretary Amit Shah may have criticized the prime minister. He also called Modi “very arrogant”.

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1/3/22 Class B Basketball Surveys https://buzzez.co.uk/1-3-22-class-b-basketball-surveys/ Tue, 04 Jan 2022 01:50:00 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/1-3-22-class-b-basketball-surveys/

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – The weekly Class B basketball polls were released on Monday. The Four Winds boys and Kindred girls would stay at the top.

Boys’ basketball survey

1. Four Winds-Minnewaukan (15) – Record 3-0 – 150 pts – Last week: 1

2. Kindred – 4-1 Record – 113 pts – Last week: 2

3. Hillsboro-Central Valley – Record 3-1 – 110 pts – Last week: 4

4. North Frontier – Record 4-0 – 107 pts – Last week: 3

5. Enderlin – Record 4-2 – 97 pts – Last week: 5

6. Dunseith – Record 5-0 – 72 pts – Last week: 6

7. Flasher – Record 7-0 – 58 pts – Last week: 8

8. Ellendale – Record 3-0 – 33 pts – Last week: 10

9. Bowman County – Record 4-0 – 29 pts – Last week: 9

10. Beulah – 2-2 Record – 24 pts – Last week: 7

Other voters: Powers Lake (4-0), Central Cass (6-0), Grafton (4-0), LaMoure-Litchville-Marion (3-0), Harvey-Wells County (4-1).

Girls’ basketball survey

1. Kindred (14) – Record 9-0 – 149 pts – Last week: 1

2. Four Winds-Minnewaukan (1) – Record 8-0 – 136 pts – Last week: 2

3. Grafton – 6-1 Record – 113 pts – Last week: 3

4. Cass central – 6-1 Record – 96 pts – Last week: 5

5. Rugby – Record 8-0 – 80 pts – Last week: 7

6. Linton-HMB – Record 6-1 – 69 pts – Last week: 4

7. Shiloh Christian – Record 7-2 – 53 pts – Last week: 6

8. Thompson – Record 6-1 – 50 pts – Last week: 8

9. Garrison – Record 8-0 – 46 pts – Last week: 9

10. Edgeley-Kulm-Montpelier – Record 9-0 – 26 pts – Last week: NR

Other votes: Langdon-Edmore-Munich (5-2), Bowman County (5-1), Northern Cass (6-2).

Copyright 2022 KFYR. All rights reserved.

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Punjab CM Channi on pro-Khalistani elements: “Every time during the polls, these elements are active” | Asia News – Oakland News Now https://buzzez.co.uk/punjab-cm-channi-on-pro-khalistani-elements-every-time-during-the-polls-these-elements-are-active-asia-news-oakland-news-now/ Sun, 02 Jan 2022 06:18:10 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/punjab-cm-channi-on-pro-khalistani-elements-every-time-during-the-polls-these-elements-are-active-asia-news-oakland-news-now/

Oakland News Now –

Punjab CM Channi on pro-Khalistani elements: “Each time during the polls, these elements are active”

– video made by the YouTube channel with the logo in the upper left corner of the video. OaklandNewsNow.com is the original blog post for this type of video blog content.

Punjab CM Channi on pro-Khalistani elements: “Every time during the polls, these elements are active” #RepublicTV Punjab CM…


Note from Zennie62Media and OaklandNewsNow.com: This video blog post shows the full, live operation of the latest updated version of an experimental network of Zennie62Media, Inc. mobile multimedia video blogging system that was launched in June 2018 This is an important part of Zennie62Media, Inc.’s new and innovative approach to news media production. What we call “the third wave of media”. The uploaded video is from a YouTube channel. When the Republic World Media Asia News YouTube video channel uploads a video, it is automatically uploaded and automatically formatted on the Oakland News Now site and on social media pages created and owned by Zennie62. The overall goal here, in addition to our is the real-time on-scene reporting of news, interviews, sightings and events all over the world and in seconds, not hours – is the use of the network existing YouTube social. graphic on any topic in the world. Now the news is reported with a smartphone and also by promoting the current content on YouTube: no heavy and expensive camera or even a laptop is needed, nor to have a camera crew to film what is already on Youtube. The secondary objective is faster and very inexpensive production and distribution of media content information. We have found that there is a lag between the length of the post and the production time and revenue generated. With this the problem is much less, but by no means solved. Zennie62Media is constantly striving to improve the system’s network coding and is looking for interested multimedia content and technology partners.

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Congress leaders fight for CM president, ‘weak government’ should be avoided, says Kejriwal https://buzzez.co.uk/congress-leaders-fight-for-cm-president-weak-government-should-be-avoided-says-kejriwal/ Fri, 31 Dec 2021 13:19:00 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/congress-leaders-fight-for-cm-president-weak-government-should-be-avoided-says-kejriwal/

The leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Arvind Kejriwal, said on Friday that there was infighting in Congress for the presidency of the chief minister and the leaders did not care about the people. Continuing his tirade against the dispensation led by Charanjit Singh Channi, Kejriwal said the “weak government” had still not been able to resolve the sacrileges and bombings that recently rocked the Punjab. The government is weak and they (the leaders of the ruling party) are fighting among themselves for the post of chief minister. The power struggle is on… We must overthrow this government and put in place an honest government, ”Kejriwal said during the party’s peace march in Patiala.

“A few days ago there was an attempted sacrilege at the Golden Temple. There was one that tempted it (who was then beaten to death)… but there must be a brain, which has not yet been caught. The state government had said he would be caught within 48 hours. But, 10 days have passed, “Kejriwal said.” A few days after this incident there are had a bombing in Ludhiana. Nobody knows who the brain is, ”he added.

Kejriwal alleged that the cases of sacrilege and explosion were created to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere in the state and that a similar strategy was used in the run-up to previous assembly polls. “Before the 2017 elections too, there was a bomb attack on Maur Mandi… In 2015, there was an incident of sacrilege. If the brains of these incidents had been dealt with with an iron fist, no one would dare repeat such acts, ”he said.

The Delhi chief minister, who is eyeing the Punjab polls early next year, said only the state’s “aam aadmi” (common man) can save it. “Three Punjabis crore will have to come together to achieve this,” he said.

Pointing to the crowd, he said: “Thousands of Punjabis carrying the tricolor in their hands have gathered here in the name of three Punjabis crore to convey a message to these hostile forces, to the enemies of Punjab, that their nefarious designs will be defeated. , and peace and brotherhood in the state will be maintained. ”

Kejriwal said his party believes in empowering the people and allowing them to make decisions.

Read all the latest news, breaking news and news on the coronavirus here.

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]]> Polls in Punjab: Sidhu wants CM face, party says “no”; Channi considers the best job | India News https://buzzez.co.uk/polls-in-punjab-sidhu-wants-cm-face-party-says-no-channi-considers-the-best-job-india-news/ Wed, 29 Dec 2021 20:46:00 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/polls-in-punjab-sidhu-wants-cm-face-party-says-no-channi-considers-the-best-job-india-news/

CHANDIGARH: As Congress strives to keep its herds together and CPC leader Navjot Singh Sidhu lobbies for a name announcement for the party’s candidate for Punjab CM, the leader of the Election campaign Sunil Jakhar has made it clear that the party’s high command will not announce its CM candidate before the polls.
Jakhar said the high command declaration of Captain Amarinder Singh as their CM candidate ahead of the 2017 elections was an exception. “This time around, the high command has decided that the Punjab’s polls will take place under their collective leadership, whether someone likes it or not,” Jakhar said, adding that only elected lawmakers would choose their leader.
After the congressional selection committee meeting in Delhi on Wednesday, Jakhar said the final list of candidates would be released by the central electoral committee headed by AICC president Sonia Gandhi.
Despite Jakhar’s claim, Sidhu reiterated on Wednesday that the people of Punjab wanted to know “who will take them out of the kichar (mud) and how?” People also want to know the roadmap, ”he told a television station. He said in the 2017 polls he himself asked the Aam Aadmi party “where was the groom in their wedding procession?” So naturally people will ask me the same question this time.
At the same time, Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi indirectly urged people at a public rally in Patiala district to give him a chance to become CM again. “AAP said you saw Akalis and Congress, so give us a chance. I say you also saw Captain (Amarinder Singh) and (Parkash Singh) Badal. If you are happy with my work during these two months, give me a chance again, ”Channi said.


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