Lending – Buzzez http://buzzez.co.uk/ Sun, 12 Jun 2022 13:37:08 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.9.3 https://buzzez.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/cropped-icon-32x32.png Lending – Buzzez http://buzzez.co.uk/ 32 32 During the pandemic, a greater number of low-income Canadians took out installment loans, with interest rates as high as 60% | Oak Park Financial https://buzzez.co.uk/during-the-pandemic-a-greater-number-of-low-income-canadians-took-out-installment-loans-with-interest-rates-as-high-as-60-oak-park-financial/ Sun, 12 Jun 2022 13:37:08 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/?p=3886 A new report published by the advocacy organization ACORN calls on the federal government to reduce the legal cap on interest rates for installment loans to 30 percent.

A recent analysis underlines the impact that high-priced loans had on low-income borrowers during the pandemic. The paper points to examples of people sliding into “vicious cycles of debt” as they fought to afford the ever-increasing cost of their bills.

ACORN, a non-profit organization that advocates for Canadians with low and moderate incomes, published the report on Thursday. This comes at the same time that the organization is renewing its call for the federal government to reduce the legal limit for interest rates on installment loans from 60% to 30%. Currently, the limit is set at 60%.

Payday loans are short-term, smaller loans with exceptionally high annual interest rates. The poll of 113 ACORN members who had gone to high-cost lenders such as Money Mart, Easy Financial, and Cash Money found that a substantial proportion of those ACORN members had turned to payday loans.

However, a significant number of individuals also took out installment loans, which are repaid in installments over a longer period of time. These individuals borrowed anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000 at interest rates that might reach as high as 60% annually.

Donna Borden, a leader inside ACORN and a spokeswoman for the organization in regards to predatory loans, stated that “this should be a priority and the government should move on this, and fast.”

Borden pointed out that 46% of respondents to the poll admitted that they had taken out installment loans of up to $15,000; this represents an increase from the time before the epidemic and is a trend that Borden referred to as “alarming.”

In an email sent out on Wednesday, Adrienne Vaupshas, press secretary for the Minister of Finance, stated that “the administration is dedicated to cracking down on predatory lenders by decreasing the criminal rate of interest.”

She stated that “in due time” additional information regarding a consultation procedure pertaining to the subject would be released.

ACORN is calling on the government to reduce the fees that are charged to customers of mainstream banks when those customers have insufficient funds to cover a transaction in order to improve access to financial services. In addition, ACORN is requesting that people be offered more low-cost borrowing options by mainstream banks. On March 31, the organization is going to organize a national day of action regarding the subject.

A participant in the ACORN survey named Laura Pellacani had to take out a loan in the amount of $2,500 just prior to the pandemic in order to pay for the cost of airfares back to Canada for her children, who were traveling with their father in another country at the time. She estimated that the loan’s high interest rate would require her to make payments of approximately $6,000 over the course of the loan’s five-year term.

“I had no alternatives with banks,” she said in an interview with the Star, noting that as a result of her poor credit, she has been unable to obtain a conventional bank loan or credit card. “I had no options with banks,” she said.

Pellacani, who is eligible for ODSP, used to supplement her income by working as a dog walker; however, after the onset of COVID-19 and the fact that all of her customers stayed home with their animals, she was unable to find any new clients.

She has only been able to pay off $500 of her debt, and she routinely uses payday loans to assist her in meeting her financial obligations. Pellacani stated that she is having trouble affording groceries despite the fact that she receives a monthly supply of food from a food bank. This is due to the fact that the cost of food is continually rising.

She often finds herself in a position where she is obliged to borrow a little bit more each month, and she likens the process of getting payday loans to a loop that never ends.

According to what she claimed, “payday loans target impoverished people who struggle in day-to-day living and live paycheque to paycheque.”

The interest rates on payday loans are not restricted in any way by provincial legislation, and lenders are not even required to adhere to the 60% cap on annual percentage rates. Payday lenders in the Canadian province of Ontario, for instance, have the ability to charge $15 in interest for every $100 borrowed over a period of two weeks, which results in interest rates that can reach up to 390 percent annually.

Chrystia Freeland, the Minister of Finance, received a mandate letter from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in December, in which he asked her to “hard down on predatory lenders by lowering the criminal rate of interest.”

In an emailed statement, the Canadian Consumer Finance Association, which represents lenders such as Money Mart, Cash Money, and Cash 4 You, stated that a reduction in the legal interest rate could actually be detrimental to some borrowers because it would prevent them from gaining access to any form of financing.

The Canadian Consumer Finance Association (CCFA) stated that installment loans have a high risk and are expensive to supply. They also mentioned that a borrower’s credit score is an important element in deciding the interest rate that is paid on such loans.

The Canadian Consumer Finance Association (CCFA) stated that any change to the government maximum interest rate will result in the withdrawal of access to credit for those Canadians with lower credit scores who previously qualified at the existing rate. “The federal government should not take any action that either result in the denial of credit to Canadians or push borrowers to access credit through illegal unlicensed lenders,” the statement reads.

In a recent financial report, Easy Financial, a publicly-traded company that does not offer payday loans but does offer other kinds of alternative credit, stated that 8.2 million Canadians have “non-prime” credit scores of less than 720, which indicates that a large number of them are unable to obtain credit from banks or other traditional lenders.

It is estimated that these Canadians, who it refers to as its “target market,” carry a total credit amount of 186 billion dollars altogether.

Where some investors see red, these ‘banks’ see green https://buzzez.co.uk/where-some-investors-see-red-these-banks-see-green/ https://buzzez.co.uk/where-some-investors-see-red-these-banks-see-green/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:26 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/where-some-investors-see-red-these-banks-see-green/

Solar panels | Mark Lennihan / AP Photo

States are calling on public finance institutions to push forward a green agenda and create jobs as they plan their economic rebound after the coronavirus pandemic.

New Jersey adopted the idea in April, saying it will set up a green bank by the end of the year to finance environmentally friendly infrastructure. The state is following in the footsteps of Connecticut, New York and other states that provide loans and grants to fund carbon reduction projects, such as community solar and energy retrofits.

As other lenders pull out during the economic downturn, taxpayer-backed green banks can help the recovery by keeping money going to construction projects, supporters say. Green banks in New York and Connecticut, for example, continued to fund during the pandemic even as many homeowners and small businesses put projects on hold.

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority will seed its green bank – essentially a pot of capital, not an actual bank – with some $ 12 million in annual revenue it collects from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cap-and-trade program of carbon. The project will prioritize projects that offer vocational training and create jobs.

“Access to affordable financing and skills training will be key to helping New Jersey rebuild better,” said Pari Kasotia, Mid-Atlantic Director for the nonprofit advocacy group Vote Solar. “By being able to invest in clean energy now, New Jersey’s low-income and environmental justice communities will also be more economically resilient to the next crisis, thanks to lower energy bills. “

While banks aren’t new – Connecticut launched the nation’s first in 2011 – their numbers are growing. In 2019, the nine global members of the Green Bank Network pledged a total of nearly $ 15 billion, raise $ 50 billion in public and private capital. Now the coronavirus pandemic is giving them a chance to flex their muscles as other lenders put the brakes on their business.

The money is invested in projects that provide environmental, health, social and financial returns. And the institutions are designed to demonstrate to Wall Street and local banks that investing in clean energy can be safe.

“At a time when we had such a strong negative economic shock, all sources of capital are pulling back a bit [but] green infrastructure is widely recognized as a clear, safe and solid place to invest money, ”said Brian Sabina, senior vice president of economic transformation at the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

At New York, Green Bank chairman Alfred Griffin said his team was modifying agreements with loan recipients to keep people on the payroll and provide flexibility over construction timelines to deal with chain issues. supply related to Covid-19.

“The main goal is to get these businesses back up and running and get these people back to these jobs,” Griffin said. “Market needs are changing, as are today, what we are seeing in this unprecedented time.”

Bryan Garcia, president and CEO of Connecticut Green Bank, said his group was resetting contract terms, restructuring borrower debt and allowing late payments. But bank loans are generally low risk, and borrowers – especially low and moderate income families – make payments.

“We expected them to be more delinquent,” Garcia said, but “they are paying their bills because they saw the benefit of reduced energy load and they don’t want to lose it.”

New Jersey’s initial investment of $ 12 million may not seem like much – New York established its bank with $ 1 billion in 2013 – but it will be “a ton of money” if it manages to attract private capital for it. launch new projects, said Jeffrey Schub. , Executive Director of the Coalition for Green Capital, a non-profit organization that advocates for the creation of green banks.

“This is obviously not enough to decarbonize the entire economy or re-employ the millions of New Jerseyans who are out of work, but it is the beginning you need to base yourself on because the hardest thing to find is the first venture capital investment, ”said Schub. “It can be a way to prime the pump, to bring private capital back to the market. “

New Jersey could learn from New York and Connecticut’s focus on investing in community solar power for households that rent or simply can’t afford solar power. Access to clean energy technology lowers utility costs and makes a market segment traditionally perceived as risky more attractive to private investors.

“At the end of the day, it’s a wealth building program,” Garcia said. “It reduces the amount of the monthly budget that a low to moderate income family spends on energy and allows them to save more and use it for other things. “

But as states struggle to close the budget gaps torn by the coronavirus pandemic, green banks could face a challenge from some of the policymakers who created them.

Connecticut’s Green Bank is funded by $ 26 million from the state’s clean energy fund and about $ 4 million from revenues from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. But in fiscal 2018 and 2019, state lawmakers embezzled $ 28 million in clean energy funds and $ 4 million in greenhouse gas funds that were slated for the bank.

Bank officials filled the void by issuing bonds, cutting operating expenses and transferring staff to an associated but independent nonprofit.

“We are now on the path to organizational sustainability,” Garcia said. “The interest income we receive from project financing using the Clean Energy Fund and RGGI Allocation proceeds is close to covering our operating expenses.”

New Jersey officials must decide how to set up its green bank to deliver the best value for money economically to withstand shifting political tides. Part of that will involve figuring out what type of entity the green bank will be: a specialized state entity, like the one in New York, an independent quasi-public institution like the one in Connecticut, or something entirely different.

New Jersey “will move like hell to attract as much capital as possible to get projects started,” Sabina said. “This is going to be important as part of the recovery.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this report misidentified the New York Green Bank. It is a state entity.

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Form 8.3 – Aon SA https://buzzez.co.uk/form-8-3-aon-sa/ https://buzzez.co.uk/form-8-3-aon-sa/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:15 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/form-8-3-aon-sa/


FORM 8.3





Name of the person treating (Note 1)

Farallon Capital Management, LLC on behalf of funds jointly managed with Farallon Partners, LLC

Company processed


Relevant security category to which the disclosed transactions relate (Note 2)

US $ 0.01 of common shares

Transaction date

April 06, 2021


(a) Interest and short positions (after trade) in the category of securities concerned traded (Note 3)







(1) Securities concerned





(2) Derivatives (other than options)

(3) Options and buy / sell agreements






(b) Interests and short positions on the relevant securities of the company, other than the category traded (Note 3)

Relevant safety class:







(1) Securities concerned

(2) Derivatives (other than options)

(3) Options and buy / sell agreements




(a) Purchases and sales

Buy Sell

Number of titles concerned

Price per unit (Note 5)



$ 233.8838

(b) Derivative transactions (other than option transactions)

Product Name,

eg CFD

Nature of the operation

(Note 6)

Number of titles concerned

(Note 7)

Price per unit

(Note 5)

(c) Option transactions on relevant existing securities

(i) Write, sell, buy or modify

Product Name,

for example purchase option

Writing, selling, buying, variation, etc.

Number of securities covered by the option (Note 7)

Exercise price

Type, for example American, European, etc.

Expiration date

Option money paid / received per unit (Note 5)

(ii) Exercise

Product Name,

for example purchase option

Number of titles

Unit exercise price (Note 5)

(d) Other transactions (including transactions involving new securities) (Note 4)

Nature of the operation

(Note 8)


Price per unit

(if applicable) (Note 5)



Agreements, arrangements or understandings relating to options or derivatives

Full details of any agreement, arrangement or understanding between the disclosing person and any other person regarding the voting rights of any relevant security under any option mentioned in this form or regarding the voting rights or future acquisition or disposal any relevant security to which any derivative mentioned on this form is referenced. If there is none, it must be indicated.

Is an additional form 8 attached? (Note 9) Yes

Disclosure Date

April 07, 2021

Name of the contact

Caitlin shreve

Phone number

+1 415 421 2132

If it is a connected EFM, name of recipient / offeror with whom

If it is a connected EFM, indicate the nature of the connection (Note 10)






(This form must be attached to Form 8.1 (a) and (b) (i), Form 8.1 (b) (ii) or Form 8.3, as applicable)


Product Name,

for example purchase option

Written or purchased

Number of relevant securities to which the option or derivative relates

Exercise price (Note 2)

Type, for example American, European, etc.

Expiration date


  1. Where there are open option positions or open derivative positions (except CFDs), full details should be provided. Full details of any existing buy or sell agreements should also be shown on this form.

  2. For all prices and other monetary amounts, the currency must be indicated.

For more details on the disclosure requirements, see Rule 8 of the Rules. If in doubt, consult the Panel.

See the source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210407005306/en/


Farallon Capital Management, LLC

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Apple CEO said they have ‘alternative sources’ of production and rumor has it today that part of production is shifting to Taiwan https://buzzez.co.uk/apple-ceo-said-they-have-alternative-sources-of-production-and-rumor-has-it-today-that-part-of-production-is-shifting-to-taiwan/ https://buzzez.co.uk/apple-ceo-said-they-have-alternative-sources-of-production-and-rumor-has-it-today-that-part-of-production-is-shifting-to-taiwan/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:03 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/apple-ceo-said-they-have-alternative-sources-of-production-and-rumor-has-it-today-that-part-of-production-is-shifting-to-taiwan/

On January 28, Apple’s CEO, speaking about the coronavirus, told Reuters that although they have suppliers in the Wuhan area, at the heart of the outbreak, they have alternatives. Today we discover one of their alternatives.

Digitimes reports today that “The disruption of production in China is everyone’s nightmare in the IT supply chain as a result of the coronavirus. Many manufacturers are increasing their production outside of China, and Apple has reportedly shifted its orders to assembly lines in Taiwan for a range of products. “

In addition, the report claims that “Apple plans to transfer more assembly orders for its new models slated for launch in the first half of 2020 to factories in Taiwan, primarily to diversify production risks associated with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. ” The latter concerns the new model Apple SE2 (or iPhone 9).

Beyond Apple, Chinese reports from Caixin Global to IDC China said the Chinese handset market could plunge 40% in the first quarter, which could add up to 4% in total for 2020.

However, for the first quarter, the crisis concerns Chinese smartphone sellers. In a second Caixin report, smartphone maker Xiaomi is one of 300 companies approaching banks for a total of $ 8.2 billion in new loans to cover the impact of the coronavirus.

To offset the drop in smartphone sales, Xiaomi is seeking loans of 5 billion yuan to produce medical resources such as masks and thermometers.

https://buzzez.co.uk/apple-ceo-said-they-have-alternative-sources-of-production-and-rumor-has-it-today-that-part-of-production-is-shifting-to-taiwan/feed/ 0
Jaguar and Land Rover no longer advertise their best deals https://buzzez.co.uk/jaguar-and-land-rover-no-longer-advertise-their-best-deals/ https://buzzez.co.uk/jaguar-and-land-rover-no-longer-advertise-their-best-deals/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:45 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/jaguar-and-land-rover-no-longer-advertise-their-best-deals/

In the biggest change we’ve seen in Jaguar and Land Rover incentives in about a year, dealers are now allowed to mark up the best brands’ rates. As a result, luxury car buyers looking to purchase this spring may not be aware that there may be far better deals than advertised on TV and online.

If you look Jaguar website, it indicates that the 2021 F-TYPE is eligible for 0% APR for 36 months. But this is not quite true. In fact, Jaguar Financial continues to offer 0% APR for 72 months, as it has been since virtually the start of the pandemic. The main difference is that dealers are allowed to increase the rate up to 1%.

According to a letter sent to dealers, the change went into effect on April 1, eliminating fixed fees paid to dealers. The brand says the move “will give retailers more flexibility when customers fund.” That said, we think it could create a lot of confusion for customers trying to decide if it’s a good time to buy.

In the case of Land Rover, every 2021 vehicle in the brand’s lineup, except the Defender, is advertised with 0.9% financing for 36 months. However, buyers can actually get the same great rate for up to 60 months with a potential markup of up to 1% APR. Your mileage may vary depending on the rates in your area.

This could make estimating your costs a lot less straightforward. With an APR of 0.9% for 36 months, a $ 50,000 SUV would cost $ 1,408 / month before taxes and fees. With a 1% mark-up, a 60 month loan would translate to $ 874 / month. It’s quite a difference and it lacks some of the transparency you can find in competitors.

To help put this into perspective, Infiniti is now offering 0% financing for 72 months across its 2021 lineup. Meanwhile, BMW is offering low interest financing as well as up to APR credit. ‘at $ 2,750 on just about every vehicle. Even Porsche is jumping into the action with an APR of 2.49% for up to 72 months plus no payments for 90 days.

Oddly enough, Jaguar and Land Rover’s latest moves share some similarities with Nissan this month. As we reported this week, the automaker is making it more profitable for dealerships to book finance deals. While they are certainly totally different brands, the two seem to be setting the ball rolling to better favor dealers this spring.

If you are looking to buy a Jaguar or Land Rover, we recommend that you check with your local dealership for the best deals. For example, in what appears to be one of the biggest discounts this month of any major automaker, V8 versions of the F-TYPE are eligible for a purchase incentive of up to $ 10,000 which is not advertised.

Explore the biggest discounts of the month

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Exclusive: World Bank and IMF Consider Ways to Link Debt Relief to Climate Change Spending | WKZO | All Kalamazoo https://buzzez.co.uk/exclusive-world-bank-and-imf-consider-ways-to-link-debt-relief-to-climate-change-spending-wkzo-all-kalamazoo/ https://buzzez.co.uk/exclusive-world-bank-and-imf-consider-ways-to-link-debt-relief-to-climate-change-spending-wkzo-all-kalamazoo/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:23 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/exclusive-world-bank-and-imf-consider-ways-to-link-debt-relief-to-climate-change-spending-wkzo-all-kalamazoo/

By Andrea Shalal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund plan to launch a platform to advise poor countries on financing climate and conservation activities, as part of a larger push that could link such spending to debt relief, according to a draft document seen by Reuters.

The advisers would include officials from the UN, non-governmental organizations, private investors and even rating agencies with expertise in finding investments, including grants, low- or no-interest loans, and conditional debt relief. debt, says the document.

The initiative reflects a growing recognition that the economic turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated budget constraints and debt issues that are hampering the ability of some countries to switch to clean energy, protect wildlife or to make changes to infrastructure to prepare for climate impacts.

“Unlike other initiatives which focus on one project at a time, this will focus on systematically changing entire economies,” said a source close to the initiative, who added that the platform aims for a more holistic approach to “the triple debt crisis, climate change and biodiversity loss.

In an interview in February, World Bank President David Malpass raised the possibility of linking debt relief to investments to fight climate change and reduce fossil fuel emissions, but did not provide no other details.

The institutions’ discussions towards this goal are detailed in a World Bank debt document posted Monday on the bank’s website for their annual spring meetings.

He said they were developing an “organizational framework” to link debt relief to countries’ plans to invest in “green, resilient and inclusive development”, or GRID – the newest catch-all acronym of the bank.

“For countries that are close to their debt limits, financing GRID will require sufficient grants and concessional loans that could be augmented by conditional debt relief or reprofiling,” the joint document said.

The World Bank estimates that more than 30 of the world’s poorest countries are over-indebted or at high risk. Three of them – Chad, Ethiopia and Zambia – have called for debt restructuring under a common framework agreed last year by China, the world’s largest bilateral creditor, and other major economies. of the Group of 20 with the Paris Club of official creditors.

Last month, a separate technical working group started working on the new Debt / Climate / Nature platform. It will enable experts from the public and private sectors to provide technical assistance and data to countries on possible investments and help them find public and private funding, according to the document.

A second source said planning was still in its early stages, but the goal was to launch the platform in late 2021, with a secretariat hosted at the World Bank.

“If not addressed or addressed in a way that ignores macroeconomic vulnerabilities and debt sustainability constraints, climate change and the loss of nature pose a systemic risk to the global economy.” , indicates the document.

The platform, however, would not replace debt treatment talks in the common Group of 20 framework, the document said. Instead, it could provide advice on how to proceed after the debt relief is agreed.

(Reporting by Andrea Shalal in Washington; Editing by Katy Daigle and Matthew Lewis)

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Today’s National Mortgage Rates, April 6, 2021 https://buzzez.co.uk/todays-national-mortgage-rates-april-6-2021/ https://buzzez.co.uk/todays-national-mortgage-rates-april-6-2021/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:36:55 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/todays-national-mortgage-rates-april-6-2021/

National mortgage rates were mostly higher than a week ago. 30-year fixed, 15-year fixed and jumbo loan rates have increased, while ARM 5/1 rates have fallen.


Loading error

Current average mortgage rates

term of the loan Daily rate Last week Switch
30 year mortgage rate 3.28% 3.25% +0.03
15-year mortgage rate 2.53% 2.50% +0.03
5/1 ARM mortgage rate 3.07% 3.08% -0.01
Giant 30-year mortgage rate 3.30% 3.26% +0.04

Prices exact as of April 6, 2021.

The rates shown above are Bankrate’s overnight average rates and are based on the assumptions indicated here. Actual rates available locally may vary.

This story has been reviewed by Bill McGuire. All pricing data is correct as of Tuesday April 6, 2021.

Today’s 30-year mortgage rate advances

The 30-year average fixed mortgage rate is 3.28%, up 3 basis points over the past seven days. A month ago, the average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was lower, at 3.24%.

At the current average rate, you’ll pay principal and interest of $ 436.85 for every $ 100,000 you borrow. That’s $ 1.64 more than last week.

When to consider a 30-year fixed mortgage

Choosing the right mortgage is an important step in the home buying process, and you have a lot of options. There are several factors you need to consider, including your credit rating, income, down payment amount, budget, and financial goals.

Increase in 15-year fixed rate mortgages

The 15-year average fixed mortgage rate is 2.53%, up 3 basis points from the same period last week.

Monthly payments on a 15-year fixed rate mortgage at this rate will cost approximately $ 668 per $ 100,000 borrowed. This is obviously much higher than the monthly payment of a 30-year mortgage at this rate, but it has big advantages: you will save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan in total interest paid and you will build up capital. much faster. .

Video: Tengler: We don’t pay attention to what higher tax rates can do to businesses and individuals (CNBC)

Tengler: We don’t pay attention to what higher tax rates can do to businesses and individuals



5/1 ARM facilitates

The average rate on a 5/1 ARM is 3.07%, sliding 1 basis point from a week ago.

Variable rate mortgages, or ARMs, are home loans with a variable interest rate. In other words, the interest rate can change intermittently throughout the life of the loan, unlike fixed rate mortgages. These types of loans are the best for those who expect refinance or sell before the first or second adjustment. The rates could be much higher when the loan is first adjusted and afterwards.

Monthly payments on a 3.07% 5/1 ARM would cost about $ 425 for every $ 100,000 borrowed in the first five years, but could increase by several hundred dollars after that, depending on loan terms.

Jumbo Mortgage Trends on the Rise

The average jumbo mortgage rate today stands at 3.30%, an increase of 4 basis points from the same time last week. Last month, the 6th, the average jumbo mortgage rate was below 3.28%.

At the current average rate, you’ll pay a combined amount of $ 437.96 per month in principal and interest for every $ 100,000 you borrow. That’s an increase of $ 2.20 from what you would have paid last week.

Bottom Line: How Mortgage Rates Have Changed Over the Last Week

  • 30-year fixed mortgage rate: 3.28%, compared to 3.25% last week, + 0.03
  • 15-year fixed mortgage rate: 2.53%, compared to 2.50% last week, +0.03
  • 5/1 ARM mortgage rate: 3.07%, compared to 3.08% last week, -0.01
  • Jumbo mortgage rate: 3.30%, up from 3.26% last week, + 0.04

Mortgage rate movement forecast for this week (April 1-7)

Mortgage experts were divided on the destination of rates in the coming week (April 1-7). In response to Bankrate rate development survey, 46% said the rates would go up, 38% think they will stay the same and only 15% expect them to go down.

Ken H. Johnson, real estate economist for Atlantic University of Florida, expects rates to rise this week. Regarding rates, he said: “30-year mortgage rates will rise slightly this week. It appears that the firewall provided by foreign bank interests in 10-year US Treasuries has been destroyed, causing yields to rise. Currently, the 10-year is just above 1.7 percent. The spread between 10-year Treasury bills and 30-year mortgage rates is typically 170-190 basis points. Dividing the difference into the spread, a reasonable interim expectation for 30-year mortgage rates is 3.5%. This wait will lead to an increase in 30-year mortgage rates for the coming week. “

Are mortgage rates going up or down?

Mortgage rates have hovered around historic lows in recent months, but it’s almost impossible to predict where they’ll go from there. It all depends on the direction of the economy and the ability of public health officials to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The general consensus: If the economy continues to rebound and if drug companies are successful in developing a vaccine, the rates will rise. However, if the economy suffers setbacks from the pandemic, rates will remain low or even fall further.

Learn more:

Featured Lenders, April 6, 2021

Continue reading

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Local students respond to President-elect Biden’s plan to cancel student loan | KTVE https://buzzez.co.uk/local-students-respond-to-president-elect-bidens-plan-to-cancel-student-loan-ktve/ https://buzzez.co.uk/local-students-respond-to-president-elect-bidens-plan-to-cancel-student-loan-ktve/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:44 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/local-students-respond-to-president-elect-bidens-plan-to-cancel-student-loan-ktve/


GRAMBLING, LA. (KTVE / KARD) – Several news agencies, including the Associated Press, are projecting Joe Biden as the winner of this year’s presidential election.

Local students said that although the announcement has been extended, they are already considering how the results will work in their favor.

As many of us know, student loan debt is now the largest form of consumption bestowed by Americans. During his campaign for president-elect, Joe Biden proposed to eliminate this debt for those who wish to continue their education.

“It was a bit of chaos, but I think the best won, that’s my honest opinion,” said Demond Porter, a student at Grambling State University.

Porter said as he neared graduation, student loans were at the forefront of his mind.

“Mainly because the bills are piling up,” Porter said.

During Biden’s campaign, the president-elect spoke about his clear student loan plan. He said that if elected he would make several changes to student loan repayment, student loan cancellation and the cost of education. Porter said this was one of the reasons he, like many other students, supported Biden.

“It would really help tremendously, especially me being a junior and preparing to graduate next year,” Porter said.

As a candidate, Biden offered to write off up to $ 10,000 in federal student loans for each borrower. Porter said he hopes Biden will keep that promise.

“This act can really help me tremendously and that’s a good thing and I really think it pushed him to win this presidency,” Porter said.

Porter also said that with the way the coronavirus has hit the economy, he and his classmates fear they could find jobs in their fields. He said that with Biden’s student loan cancellation plan, it would at least give them some relief after graduation.

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UPDATE 2-Singapore Airlines Bond May Spur More Asian Aviation Debt Agreements https://buzzez.co.uk/update-2-singapore-airlines-bond-may-spur-more-asian-aviation-debt-agreements/ https://buzzez.co.uk/update-2-singapore-airlines-bond-may-spur-more-asian-aviation-debt-agreements/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:42 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/update-2-singapore-airlines-bond-may-spur-more-asian-aviation-debt-agreements/

(Add investor details)

HONG KONG, Jan. 14 (Reuters) – Singapore Airlines has raised $ 500 million in its first US dollar bond issue, which the company will use to buy new planes as the global aviation industry braces for a rebound in travel post-pandemic.

The transaction closed early Thursday and was priced at US Treasuries plus 260 basis points, according to a statement from the airline.

The size of the 5.5-year deal was finalized after bookkeepers received bids above $ 2.85 billion and the bond carries a 3% coupon rate, the statement said.

“The issuance further strengthens the company’s liquidity position and gives SIA the financial flexibility to capture medium and long-term growth beyond the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

According to a list of conditions seen by Reuters, 150 investors signed up to the deal, and 76% of them were based in Asia.

The majority 83% of investors were fund and asset managers, according to the document.

“The reality is that these companies need capital and it is expected that there will be more debt issuance from the airlines,” said a source, who had direct knowledge of the agreement with Singapore Airlines and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Airlines are increasingly optimistic. Travel will resume later this year as a number of countries roll out vaccination campaigns to fight COVID-19.

Singapore Airlines is Asia’s first major airline to tap into global debt markets in 2021, after a rush for deals in the second half of 2020.

There were 19 deals during that period worth $ 17.62 billion, the largest of which was a $ 6 billion issue from Delta Air Lines in September, according to data from Refinitiv. Global airlines are expected to refinance at least $ 14.9 billion in bonds maturing in 2021, according to Dealogic data, while $ 23.1 billion in syndicated loans will become due this year.

Singapore Airlines has raised S $ 13.3 billion ($ 10.04 billion) in new cash in the current fiscal year that ends in March, it said in the statement. ($ 1 = 1.3250 Singapore dollars) (Reporting by Scott Murdoch in Hong Kong; Editing by Kim Coghill & Shri Navaratnam)

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Coronavirus: faithful accustomed to meeting in prayer, find themselves physically separated https://buzzez.co.uk/coronavirus-faithful-accustomed-to-meeting-in-prayer-find-themselves-physically-separated/ https://buzzez.co.uk/coronavirus-faithful-accustomed-to-meeting-in-prayer-find-themselves-physically-separated/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:40 +0000 https://buzzez.co.uk/coronavirus-faithful-accustomed-to-meeting-in-prayer-find-themselves-physically-separated/

ASHFIELD – The Reverend Victoria Ix, vicar of St. John’s Episcopal Church, was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts in late 2017.

Interviewed at the time, she spoke about shared support by the faithful and the celebrant coming together to worship.

Now, the coronavirus pandemic and efforts to contain its spread have impacted his ministry in Franklin County, as well as those around the world.

Right before your ordination, you said that part of what attracted you to the spiritual life was the urge to “sing and break bread with strangers”. How do you feel as a minister about not being able to serve your congregation in person during this pandemic?

We’re still singing, but can’t wait to break bread. There are many ways to navigate this time and many congregations have chosen to have a “virtual” Eucharist. St. John’s has chosen to fast from the celebration of the Eucharist until we can be together again. Instead, we pray the morning prayer from the common prayer book and I still preach. We’re feasting on the Word right now until we can get back to the table.

You also commented that in life’s most painful times God is there, but so are many questions. How much do you see this double reaction, people turning to God but also wondering why the impact of this respiratory disease on so many levels so badly in people’s lives?

As recently as last Sunday, I noticed that it is too early to look for “silver liners” or to count blessings. At this time, we are all faced with the mystery of suffering and we must honor the grief of so many families who could not be present with a loved one at the time of death. I have never been very sensitive to the “why”. We preach the gospel of God with us in our pain and ignorance.

Would you describe the makeup of your Ashfield parish in terms of number of families, diversity and age range and the impact of COVID-19 on their daily lives?

We have around 75 devotees with an active core of 40. Our youngest is 4 years old and our oldest is 90 years old. This became real when everyone in Ashfield received a robotic call informing them of a case of COVID-19 in the city. That was about a week ago.

Now we are praying for a number of people – friends and family – who are either in preventive quarantine or presumed positive. As for everyday life, it upsets the daily life of this peaceful hill town. As in all small towns where people all congregate at the hardware store or have breakfast at the local restaurant, people suffer from the loss of routine and daily face-to-face conversations on Main Street.

How do you use social media to bring members of your congregation together for service / discussion and to what extent do they find it a suitable substitute for community presence?

For three weeks we have been meeting on Sunday at 10 a.m. via the Zoom platform. We love it then have a virtual coffee. We also meet virtually on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. for a potluck and compline. It’s wonderful to see faces and hear the voices of the people you love, but it’s not the same as our Sunday fellowship. It’s something, though, and comforts us all, I think.

What is your ward doing for members isolated due to COVID-19 restrictions as well as older members invited to stay home due to the risk?

We have a pastoral care team and each member has a list of people to call and consult. We ask how they are doing with it all, if they need anything and if they would like to pray.

Deaths and burials must be a special ordeal without the comfort of a minister. How do you deal with this both in terms of your own feelings and in meeting the needs of families going through a death?

We haven’t had a death since it all started, but it’s on everyone’s mind.

Now that the governor has issued the stay-at-home order, we have no choice but to comply with it for the good of all. I read that a Connecticut Episcopal Priest prayed the last rites with someone over the phone with the family during the call.

Ministry is about presence, so taking that option off the table forces us to use the tools available to bring some comfort and peace.

How do you think this pandemic deepens your own spirituality and that of your congregation based on what it shares with you?

I think any tragic or traumatic event calls us to a deeper place of prayer. I have made phone calls and some are short and sweet. Others have been intense with what has been and what will be. We all experience this in our own way.

Believing that God is love and that God weeps with us is my strength.

How has the inability to be physically present with your parishioners been psychologically difficult for you?

they miss me a lot. At the same time, our prayers for one another also allow closeness. We are always connected and we love each other. I think a lot about the return to our little church and the joy of that day. It will be Easter when she comes.

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