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Just a week after Dying Light 2 developer Techland said the game would take “at least 500 hours” to fully complete, we now learn that the game will receive at least five years of post-launch content with new stories, areas, in-game events, and more.

Techland announced its post-launch plans on Twitter, guaranteeing support for years to come. We don’t know what proportion of the upgrade plans will be free content, or how much free downloadable content will be.

However, Techland also supported the original Dying Light with lots of free content and several major paid expansions, so we can probably expect to see the same kind of support with the sequel.

Last week, Dying Light 2 made headlines for another tweet from the developers, where they said the game had 500 hours of content. This number was later clarified, with Techland claiming that it takes 500 hours to complete absolutely everything the game has to offer, including different story paths, endings, and more.

Players just looking to complete the main story and side quests can expect to spend around 70-80 hours, while players in the main story should only need around 20 hours.

Dying Light 2: first hands-on preview screenshots

After multiple delays, Dying Light 2 is set to release next month on February 4. We were able to get our hands dirty with Dying Light 2 late last year, where we said the game “simultaneously feels like the natural next step for the franchise, while also feeling like something that establishes its own unique identity. For more, check out the official Dying Light 2 gameplay trailer.

Logan Plant is a freelance writer for IGN. You can find him on Twitter @LoganJPplant.

Digital support and content manager Wed, 12 Jan 2022 21:39:58 +0000


PROJECT ROCKIT is an Australian youth-led movement against (cyber) bullying, hate and prejudice. Our workshops have empowered over half a million young Australians to stand up instead of just sitting around. PROJECT ROCKIT is also the official security partner of Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, raising the voices of young people to those directly in a position to create a more user-friendly online world.


As Head of Digital Support and Content, you will primarily be our in-house designer, responsible for the development of inspiring creative assets that align with PROJECT ROCKIT’s mission, tone and voice. Your strong technical design skills (hello Adobe!) And compelling communications allow you to thrive in environments that require imagination, storytelling, and bringing a creative campaign to life.

You will work closely with our external digital marketing provider to provide ongoing design support, while internally you will support a passionate team through a range of digital goals including the creation and deployment of digital media. , website management, SEO optimization, marketing campaigns and boosting our online community engagement.

When it comes to managing PROJECT ROCKIT’s social media presence, you are a digital native with hands-on experience working on a range of social media platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter). Your ability to effectively engage a wide range of stakeholders and your understanding of online trends and the key issues that matter most to young people will be paramount to achieving our broader communication goals.

Your passion for building inclusive online communities, coupled with your knowledge of key PROJECT ROCKIT issues, will enable you to build brand awareness in schools and position the organization as the primary voice on the issues we address. . As an organized and lateral thinker, your ability to generate creative solutions and coordinate high quality creative assets enables you to thrive in this role by coordinating the digital presence of PROJECT ROCKIT.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


  1. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (mainly Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) for creating brand images, digital marketing flyers and creating print media.
  2. Passionate about supporting positive community outcomes as evidenced by previous experience supporting social impact initiatives, youth-led projects or community organizations
  3. Love the internet and live and breathe youth culture (hello memes) – the kind of person who can identify new trends, content opportunities and is happy to optimize content for our key audiences (youth and educators)
  4. Excellent writing and communication skills with the ability to independently create and research digital content (social media posts, blogs, impact campaigns) for a range of audiences who embody the voice of PROJECT ROCKIT
  5. Desire to learn and follow trends in social media, digital marketing and communications
  6. Demonstrated ability to bring brand guidelines to life through the creation of a unified, exciting and unique brand identity
  7. A creative, innovative and collaborative person who can work on several projects at the same time and meet deadlines
  8. Experience in website maintenance


  • Photography, animation and video editing skills
  • Experience or in-depth understanding of using Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and AdWords and SEO in a business environment


Internal design and creative content

  • Assist the external digital marketing provider in creating marketing materials for the school
  • Design of digital assets of school workshops – slides, handouts and individual pieces of bespoke content (e.g. realistic but fictitious Photoshop mockups of cyberbullying scenarios)
  • Produce high quality, creative social media and branded materials in a way that translates the positive impact of our work to a wide range of audiences (e.g. teens, teachers, partners)
  • Provide key communication, digital and design resources for various stakeholders and partnerships
  • Find and create storytelling resources that translate the positive impact of PROJECT ROCKIT into powerful tools for engagement, awareness and advocacy, and assess the effectiveness of these tools

Social media and website management

  • Develop, manage and moderate PROJECT ROCKIT social media platforms and link with other like-minded organizations online to promote content
  • Work collaboratively with the PROJECT ROCKIT team, partners and the community to deliver local and youth-focused digital content in line with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Create and implement a digital content plan (paid and organic) designed to highlight our core businesses, inform and inspire our community, and grow social media tracking
  • Implement and regularly review SEO analyzes as a key source of creating campaigns that meet the needs of our clients
  • Manage the maintenance, hosting and administration of the PROJECT ROCKIT website
  • Manage the BigMarker webinar platform for online workshops
  • Manage our internal staff portal to ensure content is up to date
  • Measure key activity and KPIs and provide monthly reports to the management team
  • Manage proactive and reactive media requests, liaise with journalists and identify media opportunities for key moments

Please go through the official application process by going to and carefully reading the full job description.

Video content creator (intern) Tue, 11 Jan 2022 05:19:26 +0000

Our video production team is growing and we are looking for an engaging content creator to join us in an intern role, supporting the digital properties of our stations and YouTube channels.

What will you do

  • Manage and develop the YouTube channels of six stations and Graham franchises.

  • Focus on growing audiences and revenue through YouTube best practices.

  • Produce and edit compelling videos for YouTube, digital properties, OTT and social media.

  • Assist in the production of Something Good and Solutionaries programs.


  • Experience in video editing / content creation.

  • Proficiency in Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects or similar platforms.

  • Journalism training is a plus.

  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written.

  • Strong organizational skills.

  • Ability to work well with newsrooms, news officers and journalists.

The company

Graham Media Group is the parent company of KPRC /, WDIV /, KSAT /, WJXT /, WKMG /, WSLS / and WCWJ /

Graham Media Group’s digital team supports these market-leading information properties with compelling content and cutting-edge technology, as well as ideas for creating sustainable and future information products.

To apply, please submit your cover letter, resume and links to video samples to: for review.

As a condition of employment, you must be able to prove that you are fully immunized against the coronavirus on the first day of your employment, to the extent permitted by applicable law, unless you are eligible for medical or religious accommodation. , or as otherwise permitted by law.

A d

Any job offer is conditional on passing a pre-employment screening, background check, employment / education checks, and reference checks.

South Africa’s Best YouTube Content Creators & Tips from YouTuber Caspar Lee Sun, 09 Jan 2022 07:32:28 +0000

Mateusz Slodkowski / Getty Images

  • Here are the most popular YouTube content creators in South Africa by number of subscribers.
  • YouTubers can join the YouTube Partner Program and monetize their channel through ads using their AdSense account.
  • Anglo-South African YouTuber and now entrepreneur Caspar Lee still collects royalties on his content, despite taking a hiatus from being YouTuber.
  • For more stories, visit

YouTube turns 17e anniversary next month, America’s online video sharing and social media platform has evolved over the years. Last year in September, the platform launched YouTube Shorts, a way for content creators to make videos that are 15-30 seconds shorter, like their competition.

Over two billion viewers visit the Google entity per month. It is still known to be the destination for premium videos generating $ 19.3 billion in revenue.

A handful of influencers and content creators have emerged and found their fame using the platform, with Instagram only launching in 2010, YouTube offered a place to share videos five years earlier.

Skeptics are still wondering if you can monetize your content – there are several ways you can. One of the most popular ways is the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which allows content creators to partner with the platform only as long as they meet the YPP policy and minimum requirements.

Creators must meet the following requirements to participate in the YouTube Partner Program:

  • Follow and meet all YouTube monetization policies
  • Live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available
  • Have no community policy violations active on your channel
  • Have more than 4000 hours of valid public viewing in the last 12 months
  • Have more than 1000 subscribers
  • Have an associated AdSense account

Monetize Your Channel Using GoogleAds And How It Works

If you’re wondering why some creators have asked you to watch their ads and not hit “Skip” on their video, it’s because creators are also paid through their AdSense account.

“Advertisers compete in auctions to buy ad space in front of certain genres of content or certain audiences across the world,” said Caspar Lee, famous YouTuber at Business Insider SA..

Despite having taken over on YouTube, Lee still collects royalties on his content.

According to Lee, the platform does not pay per feed. When a video is monetized, that means content creators get paid every time viewers watch ads. Through the YouTube Partner Program, YouTubers get paid based on how viewers engage with ads. A million views can earn a creator anywhere in the world between $ 1,000 and $ 10,000 according to Lee.

Manage a YouTube channel

The now entrepreneur says the key to his success on the platform is collaboration, many South African YouTubers often collaborate to gain exposure to a wider audience. Beauty and lifestyle influencers such as Lasizwe Dambuza and Mihlali Ndamase have appeared on Each Other’s Channels.

Lee describes his channel as taking people on a trip of a lifetime by moving and traveling the world. In the first two years, his subscriptions were only 1,000, which he describes as a slow chart sped up through collaborations, making him the second most popular South African YouTuber.

Being an editor or videographer is not a major requirement to be a successful content creator, says the British South African, “you can just be an interesting personality and create content now through platforms like TikTok; you don’t need the skills that were required before, ”he said.

The 27-year-old follows Daily Show host Trevor Noah by number of subscriptions, here is the list of popular South African Youtubers:

1. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is a name known in South Africa and now the world. The comedian rose to fame as a stand-up comedian in South Africa. After landing his new role as host of The Daily Show from Comedy Central, Noah took to YouTube. His YouTube channel which has

Trevor Noah filed a lawsuit against the Hospital for Special Surgery, located in New York, and Dr. Riley J. Williams II. Kevin Winter / Getty Images

most of his comedy tour clips have a total of 3.15 million subscribers with The Daily Show with the Trevor Noah channel having 9.51 million. This makes Noah the most popular South African YouTuber with a total of 12.66 million subscribers.

2. Caspar lee

Caspar Lee, YouTube

Caspar Lee at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Instagram

Anglo-South African YouTuber Caspar Lee made his YouTube debut at the age of 16, posting “comedy” sketches and videos; later collaborating with some of the most influential YouTubers and starring celebrities and actors like Tom Holland, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Kevin Hart and more. Its main channel has 6.79 million subscribers and its second Morecaspar has 1.67 million. With YouTube in the backseat, the now entrepreneur works with some of the world’s biggest brands like P&G, Alibaba, and more. He opened two Proper Living student accommodation in Observatory and Woodstock, Cape Town in addition to being a co-founder of

3. Pierre Carvell

fitness, Peter Carvell

Peter Carvell (via YouTube)

Peter Carvell is a home personal trainer who uploads fitness and health videos that users can follow in the comfort of their own homes. What started out as a channel to help motivate Carvell through his own fitness journey by losing weight has grown into one of the nation’s top YouTube channels with 1.45 million subscribers.

4. Cobus Potgieter

Cobus Potgieter, YouTube

Cobus Potgieter. Youtube

Cobus Potgieter is a musician and posts drum covers on his YouTube channel which has 1 million subscribers. His channel offers covers of famous songs and his own music; it also shares drums dos and don’ts. Now living in the US, Potgieter was planning an online drum course in 2020. The drummer explains in a 10-minute video the investments he has made to improve his channel and the quality of his videos in 2020. The drummer has invested in a new Sony Alpha camera which can cost 27,000 rand; a motorized camera slider that costs around R1500 and up, LED lights which usually come in studio kits or lighting kits at R2400.

5. Dan Macé

Dan Mace, YouTube

Dan Macé. Instagram.

Dan Mace is not only a YouTuber but also the founder of JOE Films. He has over 10 years of experience producing music videos, short films and documentaries. The award-winning director’s YouTube channel, which has 772,000 subscribers, will soon take a long hiatus when Mac prepares to direct his feature debut. His channel includes paid promo videos, lifestyle, music mashups, and more. The YouTuber collaborated with Checkers in December 2021 to recreate the classic Christmas song, “Santa Claus” is coming to town “using delivery motorcycles and a few delivery instruments from Checker Sixty60, as reported. Business Insider SA.

6. Lasizwe Dambuza

Media personality Lasizwe Dambuza was spotted dancing in Sun City. Instagram

Lasizwe Dambuza first caught the attention of South Africans through his comedy videos which often went viral. With the help of Instagram, the TV personality wears many hats as a comedian, presenter, social media influencer and more. Dambuza enjoyed accelerated success: At the age of 23, the YouTuber with 738,000 subscribers was recognized by YouTube in January 2021 when he was named a member of the Black Voices Class of 2021, a feat that puts spotlight 20 popular and cohesive black content creators from Africa. The 2022 class has not yet been released by the platform. 2021 has turned out to be a successful year for the YouTuber who created his highly anticipated “Drink or Tell the Truth” series which aired a new episode every week. Dambuza’s ability to provide a satirical and nostalgic take on the daily life and struggles of South Africa, especially the youth, is what makes him such a popular figure.

7. Ofentse Mwase Films

Mwase Movies, YouTube

Nelisiwe and Ofentse Mwase. Instagram

Ofentse Mwase Films is a production company run by the couple Nelisiwe Mwase and Ofentse Mwase. Their company, known for producing music videos and films, is also known for its channel which has 720,000 subscribers. A destination for satire starring Nelisiwe Mwase as “Nelisiwe”, a young person and Bridget, Mwase who also swaps the roles of “mom” in their sketches interpreting a slice of life of what it’s like to be. ‘be a black child in South Africa. Often satirical, the videos also feature guests such as Fash Ngobese.

8. Daniel maritz

Daniel Maritz, YouTube

Daniel Maritz. Instagram

Daniel Maritz is an International YouTuber and Male Model. It has two YouTube channels, one being the DLM Christian Lifestyle channel aimed at an audience looking for religious ideas. The second channel is DLM Men’s Lifestyle which deals with style, fitness, grooming and life where he unboxes and shares his modeling tips and advice on an international scale. The model launched her DLM Lifestyle channel in 2018 which now has 635,000 subscribers.

9. Matt Dubber

Matt Dubber, YouTube

Matt Dubber. Instagram

Matt Dubber’s channel name, AirArmsHuntingSA, is a chase channel. Unlike most of your regular YouTube channels, Dubber reviews and posts tutorials on using hunting gear. The creator created his channel in 2014 and today has a total of 477,000 subscribers.

10. Macgyver Mukwevho

MacG says fans made the podcast what it is today.

Macgyver Mukwevho is a professional DJ and host of Podcast and Chill with MacG dubbed a “chilling” show. Sol Phenduka to talk about their career and their life. The channel with 470,000 subscribers is home to other podcasts and series making up what the creator calls his Podcast and Chill Network; the channel presents City Girls with Tebogo Thobejane and The Hangout with MacG.

Caspar Lee’s Business Insider SA takeaway for successful content creators

  • YouTubers and general content creators should collaborate with other content creators
  • Find the platform that best matches your goals
  • Content creators don’t need much except a smartphone; a platform and an idea
  • Be obsessed with what you do
  • It takes a lot to grow and maintain social follow-up
  • Content creators tend to be enterprising

Get the best of our site by email every day of the week.

Go to the Business Insider home page for more stories.

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Director of Digital Media Content – Axios Charlotte Fri, 07 Jan 2022 13:10:27 +0000

JazzArts Charlotte, formerly Jazz Arts Initiative, is a Charlotte-based non-profit arts organization committed to connecting the community and developing an audience for jazz through quality education, performance and support for musicians. Established in 2009 by co-founders Lonnie and Ocie Davis, JazzArts strives to serve as a catalyst for cultural enrichment and musical education that brings creative inspiration to the lives of the people of the Charlotte area. Since its founding, JazzArts has grown considerably to include two main programmatic offerings: The Jazz Room, a monthly concert of 4 to 6 performances in downtown Charlotte that takes place on Friday and Saturday nights, and JazzArts Academy, composed of workshops and groups for young people, camps and community engagement in the schools. The income generated by the Jazz Room, together with the income generated, goes to the JazzArts Academy, which provides jazz music education to thousands of students every year.

Job summary:
JazzArts Charlotte is seeking a Creative and Experienced Director of Digital Media Content to join our team. If you enjoy creating high quality, engaging website and social media content to drive audience development and organizational success, we wish you on our team. As Director of Digital Media Content, you will be responsible for developing and implementing the overall digital content strategy based on the goals and objectives of JazzArts Charlotte and creating a positive user experience for all visitors. As a team member, you will combine proven and innovative digital strategies with the goals and resources of our team to move JazzArts forward.

We’re always looking for new ways to market our work, which may include running tests to see what content resonates most with our audience. The ideal candidate for this role will have a passion for jazz and music / artistic education, as well as an interest in communications, website management and external relations. Must be a team player dedicated to continuous improvement, staff engagement and determined to perform at a higher level. This person will play a key role in shaping the organization’s growth and digital content strategy. The ideal candidate is more than an analytics junkie. This is a part-time position working 30 hours / week plus monthly Jazz Room shows.

• Oversee all day-to-day digital efforts including video content editing and live streaming
• Organizes, publishes and edits high quality, engaging original content for use on online properties with the goal of increasing digital audiences
• Regularly monitors digital trends and results, actively participating in monthly and quarterly metrics analysis and reporting for JazzArts management. Use content management systems to analyze website traffic and user engagement metrics
• Strives to understand the data and trends available at all three levels of the user journey funnel (acquisition, engagement and conversion) and takes action to advance all three levels. Uses this data in close collaborations with the President, Marketing Director and team, business partners to continuously improve social media content, website and improve overall content quality
• Ensures messaging and digital content align with vision and strategies
• Optimizes content based on SEO; Become the organization’s subject matter expert on: SEO, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager
• Works to be a voice of innovation in the organization and inspire others; generate new ideas to gain public attention
• Provides timely, accurate and relevant content to social media audience and website users
• Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with staff, volunteers, editors, contractors and other digital assistance professionals engaged in digital content development and participation in online programs
• Manage various special projects within the organization, as needed
• Understands, interprets and communicates numerical abilities / limitations to the chairperson
• Reports expenses in a timely manner, attends trainings in support of professional growth or a development plan, and supports events and programs that are an integral part of the culture and fundraising efforts of JazzArts Charlotte
• Ensure compliance with the law (eg copyright and data protection)

Diplomas and requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in writing, English, journalism, music, communication or a related field
• Over 3 years of experience in content management and development, creating online spaces that inspire action
• Strong narrative writing and proofreading skills; have the ability to inspire while being concise and brand consistent
• Strong organizational and time management skills
• Proven leadership skills
• Excellent communication skills – verbal and written – and good attention to detail
• Understanding of Google Ads and SEO best practices, and desire to improve your proficiency in this work
• Ability to collaborate and work with a diverse group in a fluid environment to bring a project to fruition
• Computer literacy (WordPress and all MS Office products, Internet Explorer and other browsers)
• Familiarity with a content management system and a basic understanding of HTML and web publishing
• Ability to translate the mission, vision and programs of JazzArts for digital channels
• Experience navigating data to uncover key patterns and actionable takeaways; comfortable with formulas and data manipulation
• Use and familiarity with a variety of digital tools, web tools (including video APIs) used to manage content generated for web pages or appearing in digital magazines, interactive tools, apps, blogs and videos
• Familiarity and appreciation of the jazz art form and history (classical and modern) an asset

To apply:
From January 4, 2022, all inquiries, nominations and applications should be sent by email to Applications should include a cover letter and CV / CV. Please indicate where you learned about the opportunity. No phone calls please.
To learn more about JazzArts Charlotte, please visit:

JazzArts is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to inclusive recruiting and dedicated to diversity in its work and staff. Employment decisions are made regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, age, location. sexual orientation, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by applicable national or federal law. Jazz Arts encourages applicants from all groups and communities to apply for this position.

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Russ Roberts: From the Bible to Hayek – Sponsored Content Wed, 05 Jan 2022 14:36:12 +0000

Russ roberts is one of the greatest educators alive. It hosts one of the most legendary and popular educational podcasts of all time – EconTalk, on economics, culture, politics – he’s a well-known scholar and even produces some viral hip-hop videos viewed by. million times over the great economic debates. And at the height of that remarkable career, he rose to his feet and moved to a foreign land, Israel, where he took on the presidency of a quorum dedicated to studying great texts and asking great questions. Why?

In this episode, Ari talks with Russ about his trip. They talk about natalism in Israel; the narrative thrust of the book of Genesis; a political economy perspective on Deuteronomy; where Adam Smith, Friedrich Hayek and the Bible converge; why the Jewish tradition would be useful in the age of cryptography; the role of oral tradition in Russ’s creative work and in society at large; and more.

About the good faith effort: The Hebrew Bible is quite America’s moral founding document, just as the Constitution is our political founding document. Every week, Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm speaks with thinkers, writers, artists and religious leaders to explore how the Bible continues to inform our lives today, from politics to psychology to pop culture, connecting Americans of different traditions and beliefs as so many others threaten to separate us.

Subscribe at Good faith effort to Apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you receive your podcasts.

Are you serious. We appreciate this!

That’s why we come to work every day – to provide discerning readers like you with must-see coverage of Israel and the Jewish world.

So now we have a request. Unlike other media, we have not set up a paywall. But since the journalism we do is expensive, we invite readers for whom The Times of Israel has become important to help support our work by joining The Times of Israel community.

For as little as $ 6 per month, you can help support our quality journalism while benefiting from The Times of Israel WITHOUT ADVERTISING, as well as access to exclusive content available only to members of the Times of Israel community.

Join our community

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US government bonds minted when they debut in 2022 Mon, 03 Jan 2022 16:33:50 +0000

U.S. Treasury prices fell sharply on Monday, a bearish start to 2022 following the worst year for the global bond market in more than two decades.

The benchmark 10-year Treasury yield jumped 0.11 percentage point to exceed 1.6% for the first time since the emergence of the highly transmissible strain of coronavirus Omicron in late November. A survey of the U.S. manufacturing sector, due for release on Tuesday, as well as the monthly jobs report on Friday, will provide clues as to whether investors should anticipate at least three Federal Reserve rate hikes this year. .

In equities, the S&P 500 gained 0.3% by mid-morning. The US benchmark had opened 0.6% more, helped by the explosion in Tesla’s production figures, only to reduce the lead following a sharp drop in the price of US government debt.

The European Stoxx 600 index gained 0.4%, hitting an intraday record in light volume. The German Dax rose 0.8 percent while the Cac 40 in Paris rose 1 percent. The yield on German 10-year government bonds gained 0.05 percentage point to minus 0.13 percent. Stock exchanges in London, Japan and mainland China were closed for holidays.

Monday’s market moves followed the worst year for global bonds since 1999 after central banks signaled they were ready to fight inflationary pressures with interest rate hikes. The withdrawal of the stimulus that fueled a global economic recovery has so far had a modest effect on equity markets, with the S&P 500 last year gaining 27% and the Stoxx 600 22%.

“With speculative spirits high, investors will need to assess return per unit of risk as volatility reappears,” said Sean Darby, analyst at Jefferies. “Perhaps equity investors should be more concerned that policymakers get stuck trying to control inflation with higher rates without disrupting asset markets.”

Tesla jumped 10% on Monday after the automaker negotiated a supply chain disruption to report beating deliveries for the fourth quarter.

Competing automakers won in response, with Volkswagen and BMW increasing by more than 2% in Europe. Lufthansa drove travel inventories higher after Citigroup added the airline to its shopping list amid optimism that demand for long-haul flights will revive.

Investors started the year with several risks in the background, said Karl Steiner, strategist at Swedish bank SEB. Evergrande’s notice on Monday that he would suspend his actions in Hong Kong again created “a bit of uncertainty,” Steiner added.

The real estate developer has been at the center of a sector crisis in the world’s largest emerging markets for months. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng stock index fell 0.5% on Monday, as the property development sector fell 1.1%.

Growing tensions between Western countries and Russia have also caught the attention of investors, with US President Joe Biden warning his country will act “decisively” if Russia invades Ukraine.

Oil prices have fluctuated on both sides of the Atlantic ahead of an OPEC meeting on Tuesday to discuss increased production. Brent crude, the international benchmark, climbed 1.3% to $ 78.85 a barrel, after rising 1.5% earlier according to reports that Libyan production was strangled by a damaged pipeline.

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Carolina Hurricanes, content to “keep playing like we used to,” rally with seven straight goals, lead Columbus Blue Jackets Sat, 01 Jan 2022 22:01:51 +0000

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Carolina Hurricanes, one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference all season, have more ambitious plans for later in 2022, such as possibly competing for the second championship. the Stanley Cup franchise.

For now, however, they’ll be content with whatever kind of momentum generator they can get, and they’ve started the calendar year with a doozy.

Steven lorentz and Brady Skjei each scored two goals as Carolina made up for a 4-0 deficit with seven unanswered goals en route to a thrilling 7-4 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday.

The Hurricanes scored four times in 3 minutes, 57 seconds in the third period to close a 4-2 deficit. They scored five goals during the period.

“It was a weird game, we were down, and I always felt like we had passed them,” said Skjei. “We knew we had to keep playing the way we were doing and that the goals would come. And they certainly did.”

Nino Niederreiter, Ethan Bear and Andrei Svechnikov all scored goals as well, as Carolina ended the Blue Jackets in the final 31 minutes of the game as they made their comeback.

“We just tried to do what we could to stop their momentum. Let’s be honest, that was the whole game. It wasn’t like they stepped it up there. We built a lead, but it’s a big, strong team that they just got the puck sometimes and they have it all night, ”Columbus coach Brad Larsen noted. “It’s a very good hockey team and they kept coming.

Frederik anderson replaced a struggling one Antti Raanta in goal for the Hurricanes after the veteran allowed three goals on nine shots. Andersen, the beneficiary of improved defense in the back half of the game, saved just eight of nine shots to sign the victory.

Gustav nyquist had one goal and two points in an otherwise forgettable home team performance. Zach Werenski, Adam boqvist and Alexandre texier also scored for the Blue Jackets before the Hurricanes rallied.

“I think that’s something we can learn from them. No matter what the score, they kept playing their game, ”Werenski said of the Hurricanes. “Up 4-0, down 4-0, just play the game like we know how to do.”

It took Carolina a bit to get there, but the Hurricanes certainly ended the game that way.

‘These are the kind of players we have,’ Carolina coach Rod Brind’Amour noted. “We have young guys who are very competitive. And I think if you’re like that and you can skate, then you’re going to do well in our system.

Columbus also had a goalie change in the game. Daniel tarasov started and lasted two periods, allowing two goals on 33 shots. Elvis merzlikins allowed four goals on 15 shots in the third period.

“Hockey is weird. It was by no means a lack of effort today. We weren’t tired, at least that’s the feeling I got on the bench, ”said Werenski. “I thought we worked hard the first two periods, got some good rebounds and we had a lead. But at some point in a game we have to release the pressure from our goalkeepers. It looked like the whole game had been played. at our end. At one point we had to be smarter. “

The victory was Carolina’s fourth in a row, and it tied it with the Washington Capitals for first place in the Metropolitan Division. With 47 points, the Hurricanes are tied with Washington and the Tampa Bay Lightning for the league lead.

“I think we played really well, to be honest with you. If you look at the season, I think there are two games that I wasn’t very happy with, so it’s pretty good, ”said Brind’Amour, summing up the season so far. “It’s been a pretty good effort so far, top to bottom. Can we improve?

In a small sample on New Years Day, the Blue Jackets, for sure, agreed.

“It looks bad because we had the lead,” Larsen said. “But let’s face it. They were the best team.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Content creators fear self-censorship as OTT platforms go mainstream Fri, 31 Dec 2021 06:31:48 +0000

New Delhi: The year 2022 will see OTT (over-the-top) streaming platforms take over big budget projects, many of which will feature popular and mainstream faces. But content creators are wary of increased control by government and various fringe groups, as seen this year. This has led services to seek to play it safe and to self-censor more than is often necessary.

While the use of legal advice on scripts and even filmed material has been the big trend this year, creators are hopeful that certain niche and risky topics will continue to be tempted to preserve the essence of digital media.

Last February, the Indian government officially tightened its oversight over digital and OTT platforms, introducing a three-tier mechanism it called a “soft regulatory architecture”. While the first two levels set up a system of self-regulation by the platform itself and by the self-regulatory bodies of content publishers, the crucial third calls for a mechanism of control by the central government. Disagreements over the extent of creative freedom to be granted to content creators have divided the video streaming industry into two self-regulatory bodies.

While applications run by broadcasters such as Disney + Hotstar, Sony LIV, and Voot have preferred to play it safe under the aegis of the Indian Broadcasting and Digital Foundation (IBDF), companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have formed a self-regulatory body under the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) because they want to keep the possibility of working on topics at the cutting edge of technology. These measures come in the wake of the crackdown on shows like Tandav on Amazon Prime Video, FIRs were filed against the creators of whom for hurting religious feelings in January. Other titles like Mirzapur, Ashram and Bombay Begumes have also been embroiled in controversy.

“The mandates (of the platforms) are definitely changing, but that’s also part of the natural evolution cycle as OTT moves from a new, unrecognized medium to a big business that needs to reach an audience beyond young people. Such a social construction will need governance and you cannot do without it, ”said Siddharth Anand Kumar, vice president, films and television, Saregama India, which owns boutique studio Yoodlee Films, calling it a sign of legitimacy. However, Kumar said platforms play safer than they should and self-censorship can be dangerous.

Most of the major OTT platforms are already aware of the kind of content-related backlash India can face, said Keerat Grewal, partner at media consultancy Ormax. “Politics and religion are the two key areas where most platforms have self-imposed, to make sure they don’t disturb any segment. However, this restriction has not resulted in any change in the appeal of the medium, as there is a wide range of narratives that platforms explore, which do not need to enter controversial spaces, ”Grewal added.

A great result of the increased scrutiny can however be seen with OTT platforms stepping up their legal departments and companies reporting problematic parts on scripts or on shooting hardware. At the same time, the drive to gain more acceptance in the mass market has led platforms to launch big budget shows featuring mainstream names, with the ability for families to come together to watch web content. , often on large television screens. Applause Entertainment does Rudra-Edge of Darkness for Disney + Hotstar with Ajay Devgn, while Amazon Prime Video has shows lined up with Akshay Kumar and Shahid Kapoor. Netflix has lined up projects with Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Zoya Akhtar, and Vishal Bhardwaj.

“As a production house, we like to tell stories in a way that is relevant to parents, youth, grandparents, children one-sidedly – so we know we’ve forged a bond with the audience. “said Amita Madhvani, partner at Ram Madhvani Films who made Aarya for Disney + Hotstar and Dhamaka for Netflix. Madhvani added that he helps collaborate with the platform on legal entries at the level of the script itself.

Grewal pointed out that unlike TV, which is shared by family, OTT in India is still primarily a mobile screen experience, allowing manufacturers to cater to multiple audience segments. “The Indian OTT universe of 353.2 million, however, is biased in favor of the male gender with a share of 59%. This figure rises to 66%, among the 96 million active paid subscriptions in India. In keeping with this reality, some of the top performing shows on OTT fall into the male crime, thriller, and action genres. Making these shows inclusive in terms of age and gender only helps them reach a wider audience, whether or not they are suitable for family viewing, ”said Grewal.

However, several platforms stress that they would like to keep their risky essence in order to stand out. “There are big platforms that are becoming more mainstream and trying to reach a Pan-Indian audience through their choice of stories and actors, but it would be incorrect to generalize. There are stories you can’t tell on linear media that we welcome as storytellers, ”said Sai Abhishek, Original Content Manager, Southeast Asia, Discovery Inc, adding that the idea is to balance to see what works and what doesn’t.

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Top 5 respiratory content of 2021 Wed, 29 Dec 2021 14:00:17 +0000 An 8-year journey to a diagnosis of chronic cough, treatment for neurogenic cough, e-cigarettes and risk factors for COVID-19 were among the most viewed respiratory articles.

The 5 most viewed respiratory articles on focused on a woman’s journey to a diagnosis of chronic cough, treatment for neurogenic cough, e-cigarettes, and risk factors for COVID-19.

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4.Effective upper laryngeal nerve blocks for neurogenic cough

A study covered in June said that superior laryngeal nerve (SLN) blocks are effective in treating neurogenic coughs, which are coughs that continue and persist after other conditions are ruled out. Patients with signs of abnormal vocal fold movements / vibrations experienced a greater therapeutic effect and showed long-term improvement that approached statistical significance.

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3. Electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco products related to lung damage

A review of the literature indicated that e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products produce lung disease in a manner similar to conventional cigarettes, as well as from new mechanisms peculiar to these devices, according to this May article.

According to the studies included in the review, these products share damage and spoilage pathways with conventional cigarettes and exhibit more recent damage mechanisms related to additives, flavors and metal nanoparticles. Additionally, several lung cell lines exposed to e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products produced increased levels of pro-inflammatory interleukin-8 and interleukin-16.

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2. COPD and asthma may not be risk factors for COVID-19, study finds

A study published earlier this year found that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma were not risk factors for intensive care unit (ICU) admissions or death from ICU. ‘infection with COVID-19.

This study contradicts the widely accepted hypothesis that patients with obstructive airway disease are at greater risk of ICU admissions and death than others, largely based on older evidence showing that respiratory disease is risk factors for more serious reactions to cold viruses. Factors associated with death during hospitalization were male sex, advanced age, heart disease, and immunosuppressive disease.

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1. Flu vaccine can protect against COVID-19 infection

According to a study covered in this February article, patients immune to the flu were less likely to test positive or have serious complications from COVID-19. These patients were 24% less likely to test positive for COVID-19, and if they did contract the virus, they were more likely to have better clinical outcomes compared to those who were not vaccinated against the flu. .

The limitations of the study included that patients and data were Michigan-specific and mostly collected from large hospitals, not community settings.

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