BSP asks Congress about 40% of tickets for women in UP polls, asks why not in other states?

Calling the congressional resolution to grant 40 percent tickets to women in the 2022 Uttar Pradesh legislative elections as an electoral gimmick, the Bahujan Samaj party asked why the plan had not been implemented in other states linked to elections.

BSP spokesperson Sudhindra Bhadoria said Congress has a long history of deception.

“They announced 40% of seats for women in Uttar Pradesh for the next assembly elections. I would like to ask Priyanka Ji, who is herself a woman and also the national secretary general of the party, that elections for the Assembly take place. in five states. Women do not reside in other states? Haven’t women already lived in other states? So why are such announcements only made for Uttar Pradesh? asked Bhadoria.

The BSP leader strongly attacked Congress and claimed that the party had always made “electoral drama”.

BSP censors Congress for opposing bill to empower women

“I remember when Baba Saheb introduced the Hindu Code for Women’s Rights bill, it was the Congress party that opposed the bill that would empower women,” the door said. – speech of the BSP.

Bhadoria criticized the fact that the women’s reservations bill was never passed by the Congressional government despite their reign at the Center for years.

“The Women’s Reserve Bill was never passed by the Congressional government despite so many years in power. Not only that, Congress was still playing some kind of trick with the Dalits. on the other hand, he is humiliated by Sidhu. This means that in the Congress Party, that there are women, Dalits and arrears, they have never given any rights ”, he declared.

Congress announces 40% reservation for women in UP polls

Chief Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday, October 19, in her attempt to appease the opposite sex ahead of the legislative elections in Uttar Pradesh, urged women to make a change in society by joining Congress and participating in elections. She said that the strength and sympathy of women can bring about a revolution.
“The Congress party has decided that it will give 40% of the total tickets for the elections to women in the next State Assembly ballots. These tickets will be awarded on the basis of merit and not just on the basis of of caste and religion, “Vadra said. .

Mayawati slams Congress

Earlier on Tuesday, following Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s “special” press conference on women’s empowerment in Uttar Pradesh, BSP Supremo Mayawati slammed congressional leaders for calling them double standards. .

“If Congress’ concern for women was so reasonable and honest, then why didn’t their government at the Center pass a law to give 33% of reserves to women in parliament and legislatures?” asked the head of the BSP.

“The nature of Congress is ‘something to say and something to do’ that calls into question its intention and its policies,” she added.

The former UP chief minister again lambasted Congress and said: “When Congress is in power and they have their good days, they don’t remember the Dalits, the backward, the women etc. . But now, when their bad days don’t go away, like the Dalits in the Punjab, they remember the women of the UP. “

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