Baldwin: Facebook fails to protect young people from eating disorder content | Local News


Senators submitted the following questions to Facebook, founder / CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Instagram chief Adam Mosseri:

“1. What metrics, both automated and manual, do you use on Instagram to detect accounts or content that promote unhealthy eating and other eating disorders?

“2. How many Instagram accounts have you deleted in the past year for promoting bad eating habits?

“3. How many Instagram users do you think have seen content promoting unhealthy eating in the past year? Please provide estimates for all users and separately for teens or young users.

“4. What resources do you offer Instagram users who have seen harmful content promoting unhealthy eating?

“5. Please describe any additional information you have collected about the relationship between any of your apps and eating disorders affecting your users. This includes any academic research, market research, informal studies, user interviews. , surveys, strategy papers or other documents.

“6. Facebook internal research found that teens self-report ‘inappropriate ads targeting vulnerable groups’ as one of Instagram’s harms. the content of the advertisement, including videos, images and texts included in the advertisement, as well as data on the reach and audience of the advertisement.) ‘

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