Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence Guide: New Content, All Changes, More

Apex Legends Season 10 has arrived and brings a new Legend: Seer, World’s Edge map changes, and Ranked Arenas. Of course, there’s a lot more, with a new Battle Pass and in-game changes. Here’s everything you need to know about the new season.

When is Apex Legends season 10?

Season 10 update for Apex Legends will go live Aug 3 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. BST. For players around the world, like in Japan or Australia, it will be in the early hours of August 4th (2h JST / 3h AEST).

There is no preload this time around for PlayStation players, so players on all platforms will receive the update at the same time.

If you’d like to read all of the changes in their entirety, check out the full Season 10 patch notes.

New legend: clairvoyant

Respawn entertainment

Seer is the last Legend to join the Apex Legends roster.

The main attraction of each new season, the character who joins the Apex Games is Seer. A legend of the arenas, he’s now moving up to join the ranks of the Apex roster.

Seer’s abilities include a passive heart rate sensor, interrupt / track tactics, and an ultimate dome that reveals enemies within.

World’s Edge Map Changes

POI Lava Siphon in Apex Legends
Respawn / EA

Sorting Factory has disappeared and Lava Siphon is seated in its place.

World’s Edge was “wiped out” in Season 10, due to Hammond Robotics and their use of the Harvester.

Three POIs (sorting plant, marshalling yard and refinery) have all been drastically changed and have even been given completely new names.

There are also brand new gondolas that can be used in two of the new POIs to cross lava safely.

Classified arenas

Much anticipated since the release of Arenas in Season 9, the ranked version of the mode will go live with Season 10.

It features the same ranks as Battle Royale, but some of the rules for earning RP are changed. Additionally, you can be demoted in Ranked Arenas.

Legend changes

Four Legends have been changed in this update at the start of Season 10. Horizon regains some power in his gravity lift, Fuse improves both his ultimate and tactics, and can now deactivate his passive to throw grenades normally. .

Caustic gets a big buff, his gas damage increasing by 1 every two ticks. And Revenant gets a little nerf, now giving enemies a visual and audio indicator when death protection ends.

Weapon changes

For the care packages, the Spitfire and the Alternator come in. The Alternator will have disruptor turns, while the Spitfire is brought back to its pre-nerf state.

The Prowler comes out of the heal pack, but when on the ground, there will be no selected jump shot, meaning you can only use it in Burst mode.

For other weapons, the L-Star has a big buff, while the EVA-8 gets a rate of fire nerf. All pistols will now have a built-in quickdraw, while the hop-up is removed. There is now a new hop-up: Boosted Loader, for the Hemlok and the Wingman. This will increase reload speed and give extra ammo if reloaded at the right time.

Season 10 Battle Pass

100 volt level skins

As always, there are 100 new levels to complete in the Apex Legends Emergence Battle Pass.

New this time around, “Item Sets”, especially for Seer, Valkyrie, and Horizon. These are matching sets of legend and weapon skins, to really equip your character.

More news on season 10

Hidden octane change

Respawn has confirmed that it is missing an Octane change in the patch notes. Now the sound of players landing after using a jumping mat will be louder.

The comics are not coming back

The comics are being phased out for this season of Apex, as the team wants to explore new ways to tell the story.

All cards in rotation

Another cool feature not mentioned in the patch notes is that all three battle royale maps will be in rotation this season. The first week will only be World’s Edge, but after that Kings Canyon and Olympus will return.

For Ranked, Division 1 is on World’s Edge and Division 2 will be on Kings Canyon.

That’s all you need to know about Apex Legends Season 10 – check back here for more information and updates on the new season.

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