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Kanpur: A team from Ahmedabad’s GST Intelligence Directorate (DGGI) interviewed perfume businessman Piyush Jain in the district prison on Thursday.
Investigations were made by the DGGI team regarding the recovery of Rs 194 crore, trade and unbilled business of other companies involved.
As a reminder, a little earlier, a team of intelligence officers from the Tax Intelligence Directorate (DRI) had registered Piyush Jain’s statement in prison on Monday regarding the recovery of foreign gold.
Over 194 crore rupees were collected from the home of perfume merchant Piyush Jain in Kanpur and Kannauj. In addition to this, 23 kg of gold stamped abroad and 600 liters of sandalwood oil were found.
According to the sources, for a further investigation into the matter, the DGGI had requested permission to question Piyush Jain in prison and had filed a request in court.
The DGGI team was authorized to interview Piyush Jain. In this sequence, Thursday, three officers including the deputy director of DGGI (Ahmedabad), reached the prison for questioning.
During the interrogation, the team questioned Piyush Jain about other traders linked to the company, in addition to where such a large amount of money came from. They also asked where he was doing business without an invoice. According to sources, Piyush attempted to dodge team members throughout his interrogation.
As a reminder, a joint Income Tax and GST Intelligence Branch team recently raided Piyush Jain’s Anandpuri house in Kanpur. The raid lasted more than 120 hours. A huge salvage of silver, gold and sandalwood oil was seized during the raid. Documents regarding expensive properties have also been found. Central agencies had also found 18 lockers in a cellar at Piyush’s ancestral home in the Chhipaiti neighborhood of Kannauj and a bunch of around 500 keys they were using to open the lockers.
Piyush Jain ran his business at “Attar Wali” Gali in Kanpur, known for its perfume business. It has offices in Kannauj, Kanpur and Mumbai. During the Kanpur raid, the Income Tax Service also found around 40 shell companies through which Jain did business.


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