Ahead of Assembly polls: Come up with a vision for Gujarat, says Rahul

GIVING a roadmap for his party to win the upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday asked the party’s state unity leaders to come up with a vision for Gujarat and project 25 people who would turn this vision into reality.

Addressing the Chintan Shibir, a three-day conclave of party workers organized by the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) in Dwarka, Rahul said the people of Gujarat are fed up with the 25-year rule of the BJP, as he claimed. politics was hurting Gujarat.

“The people of Gujarat admire you. You think you are fed up with the BJP, but the BJP has done 10 times more harm to the people of Gujarat compared to the harm it has caused you. Did someone slit the throat of a congressional employee? No. But three lakh people have died here due to Covid. They were people from Gujarat… They say it’s the Gujarat model but in this model there were no oxygen cylinders, ventilators. I myself have seen people die in vehicles outside the hospital,” the MP for Wayanad said while addressing the Shibir.

Rahul also asked GPCC Chairman Jagdish Thakor and Raghu Sharma, the AICC Gujarat Officer, to identify 25 people from within the ranks and files of the party to lead the charge of the party during the assembly election in Gujarat to be held in December this year and advised to throw the whole weight of the party behind them.

“To change parties in Congress, to create a storm here, we need 25 to 30 people. We don’t need 100, 200, 500 or 1000 people. If 25 of you decide to uproot the BJP, 25, even five people are enough. If those five get five each, the job will be done,” Gandhi said, adding, “In the Congress Party, there is a disconnect between those who talk and those who do real work.

The MP for Waynad also called on the state unit to present an alternative vision for the state.

“If you could show people your vision of Gujarat tell them how you want to change the state, what you are going to do for the tribals, small and medium enterprises, for the diamond industry, colleges and universities while supporting these 25 Faces is your election,” the Congress leader said.

Before addressing the conclave, Rahul visited Jagat Mandir, the famous temple dedicated to Lord Krishna.

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