Abbotsford town center mural used unapproved content – Abbotsford News

A recently completed mural in downtown Abbotsford featured content that had not been approved by the Downtown Abbotsford Business Association, the ADBA said on Instagram on Monday afternoon July 19.

The mural, which was completed on July 10, was created by artist Mike Moser in honor of Bob Bos, considered one of the most important people in downtown history.

Several users on social media have mentioned that the mural reads the phrase “make Abbotsford great again”, a phrase almost identical to President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

It’s unclear who decided to add the text to the image, but a May 30 Facebook post shows the nearly completed mural without writing.

The mural shows Bos standing next to a classic car in downtown Abbotsford, then features handwriting with the aforementioned phrase which appears to be something Bos wrote. We do not know where the text or the context comes from.

Social media users were bowled over by the MAGA-like phrase appearing on the mural, and downtown company Tha Realm Dance Studio asked how and why it was approved.

“For me, I think the city and ABDA really need to take a look at what they approve for these murals,” they said on Instagram. “So far I have yet to see a mural celebrating / highlighting a cultural context. Along with this mural, they even added hanging lights across the alley, to encourage more people to come and visit it and the other five murals in that lane alone.

The News has contacted Dianne Bos (Bob’s wife) and the artist, but they have yet to speak on the record.


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