A sweet name a drug name puzzle answer with a logical explanation

Most of India is stranded due to the COVID-19 virus that has swept the country. When individuals are unable to leave the home, they must constantly find new and inventive methods of staying busy and engaged while staying indoors. Many people are starting new hobbies, while others are playing computer games or board games with their family members. “Sweet Name, Drug Name Puzzle Answer” has been making the rounds on social media and WhatsApp puzzles. Read on to know the answer to the puzzle.

WhatsApp puzzles: a sweet name, an answer to the puzzle of a drug name

Find the name using the clue given below

A candy, a medicine, a movie, a girl, a car, a place, a dog’s name -> all of this has only one answer.

  • Sweet name – Honey
  • Drug Name – Honey is also an Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Movie Name – Hollywood Romantic Movie Honey (2003).
  • Girl’s Name – Honey Lauren (Hollywood Movie Star).
  • Name of the car – Honey car made in 1984 – 1989.
  • Place name – Honey Grove is a city in the United States.
  • Dog’s Name – Some people call their pet Honey.

Long explanation

  1. The first clue is “sweet”, which supports the name “HONEY” since the honey produced by bees is delicious.
  2. The second clue to this riddle is Dawai, which means “medicine” and is again “HONEY”. Honey from bees is an effective treatment for wounds, ulcers and burns. You can get the same information on Wikipedia.
  3. Honey is also the third clue in this puzzle, which is a “movie name?” Honey was the title of a Hollywood movie starring Jessica Alba.
  4. The fourth clue, which is a ladki or a girl’s name, is equivalent to “HONEY”. Honey is quite a popular name in the United States. Honey Lauren is a well-known actress who has appeared in many Hollywood movies.
  5. The fifth clue is the name of a town, which is Honey Grove is a town in Fannin County, Texas.
  6. The name of the automobile is the sixth clue, so we have Honey cars, a Japanese automaker.
  7. The seventh clue is the name of a place, which in the United States is Honey Creek and in Australia is Honey Place.
  8. Honey is a common name for dogs, and it’s the eighth clue.


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