8 apps you can use to study geography on your iPhone

Geography is a fascinating subject that covers places and people’s relationships with them. If you are interested in the environment, landscapes and societies throughout history then you will love geography. And you can learn even more about it with the right iPhone apps.

Geography apps help you learn more about geography and have fun while taking quizzes to test your knowledge. The following apps are the best for iPhone users.

1. World quiz: learn geography

World Quiz: Learn Geography is a quiz app that tests your knowledge of countries, their names, capitals, maps, facts, etc. The quizzes come either Easy, Normal, Where Hard difficulties and can be personalized to suit you and your group. There is also Compare quizzes which consist in comparing countries with each other, which further tests your knowledge.

The app also allows you to Write a quiz Where Write a race, which allows you to adapt your quizzes to represent the regions of the world on which you are improving your knowledge. This is great if you are preparing for a geography exam that focuses on a particular region of the world.

To download: World Quiz: Learn Geography (free in-app purchases available)

2. Maps of our world

Maps of Our World is a handy map app that can help you teach and test your knowledge about different geographic regions of the world. On each card you can choose Coaching, Challenge, See the map, or look at the respective cards Statistics.

Typically the Plans are broken down into Continents. For each Menu, a small level of customization is available, allowing you to filter the cards according to your needs. The application is a simple aid to test your knowledge on aspects such as the geographical placement of regions and the main facts about all these areas.

To download: Maps of Our World (free in-app purchases available)

3. Geo Touch

Geo Touch is a fun game that helps you remember the location of cities, states and regions on various world maps. When you are on a map, you will see the location of a location on the map; you will then have to remember where the location is supposed to be placed. You will need to use pinch and slide motions to play the game.

It’s a great way to train your brain to store information because it’s based on active recall and spaced repetition, a well-known study method. The Geo Touch app has a very simple user interface and can be a great help in studying geography.

To download: Geo Touch (Free in-app purchases available)

4. Geography of the world

While not as flashy as other quiz game apps, World Geography is full of geography questions for you to answer, rivaling even the best quizzes online. Covering multiple continents with thousands of questions, you can filter the type of quiz you pull out of the in-game database. Whether you want to improve your geographic knowledge in general or focusing on a particular area, the app can provide it to you.

The geography of the world also has a Encyclopedia, which can be very useful if you just need to search for a specific term related to geography; you don’t even need to use it for a quiz at the time.

To download: Geography of the world (free in-app purchases available)

5. World Map Challenge!

World map challenge! works much the same as World Geography: you select a specific continent of the globe on which to answer the questions, filter the region, then the app will call a specific country and you will need to select the corresponding position on the map.

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It’s not the prettiest or the smoothest of apps, but it can still help you memorize all the countries and capitals around the world and improve your knowledge of geography. There are different types of games, with Practice, Challenge, Against the watch, and even Multiplayer features available. For each type, you can change the quiz type to either Countries Where Capitals.

To download: World map challenge! Geography (Free in-app purchases available)

6. GeoGuessr

Screenshot of the GeoGuessr application.

GeoGuessr is an online game that allows you to join other players in a guessing game of regions around the world. The game will display the street view of a random location on Earth in Google Maps. You and the other players will have three guesses, and you will only have to select the country you think you are, rather than specific towns or villages.

How many guesses it took you to get it right and how fast you were determines the position you are placed in. For each game you play you receive XP which increases the level of your individual player.

There are several game modes, such as Country Battle Royale, Classic Mode, Battle royale distance, and more. Although GeoGuessr is not as education-oriented as the other apps featured in this article, it will still help you develop your geographic knowledge, as elements of the images such as mountains could help you locate the place. where a specific image must have been taken.

To download: GeoGuessr (Free in-app purchases available)

7. StudyGe

Screenshot of the StudyGe application home screen.

StudyGe is full of content that will help you improve your geographic knowledge while having fun. To play, select either a Single player game or one Multiplayer game then select Names, Capitals, Where Flags like mode. You can track your answers to certain questions, filtered by region, to track your progress.

For each mode, you can select the difficulty levels, and even select the regions you want to be quizzed on. It doesn’t necessarily educate you like the other apps on this list, but it’s a fun game that will test your knowledge and help you memorize the positions of countries around the world.

To download: StudyGe (Free in-app purchases available)

8. Geography of the world

This app has extremely simple user interface and offers quick facts about any country or continent in the world, such as population, urbanization, dominant religion, etc. There are other stats to read, and the app even offers a quiz on all the different countries.

It’s a great aid in memorizing basic facts about different countries, and the quizzes help you test your knowledge, although they aren’t as well filled as the other apps featured in the article.

The geography of the world is full of facts that are easy to remember, to help you in your geography exams or simply for your general studies.

To download: Geography of the world (free in-app purchases available)

These are the best apps for learning geography

If you study geography, you know that it takes a lot of revisions to learn what you need. Using the apps featured throughout, you will be able to make the review fun and even play multiplayer quizzes against your friends for a competitive feeling while you are doing it.

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