2022 Ohio Senate polls: Josh Mandel tops Republicans

2022 Ohio Senate polls: JD Vance slowly regaining momentum

The Ohio United States Senate polls will be held on November 8, 2022 to elect a new member to the United States Senate to represent the state of Ohio.

In January 2021, Senator Rob Portman, a 2-term Senator announced his retirement and decided not to stand in the Ohio Senate polls in 2022, since then many candidates from both parties have thrown their hats off. in the ring to succeed him.

2022 Ohio Senate polls: primary candidates

Even if there is more than a year left for the final election, the Republican Field is crowded with many candidates, the most important being

  1. Josh Mandel, Former Ohio State Treasurer (2011-2019)
  2. JD Vance, US Marine Corps veteran, venture capitalist and author of Hillbilly Elegy
  3. Jane Timken, former President of the Ohio Republican Party (2017-2021)
  4. Bernie Moreno, owner of a car dealership
  5. Mike Gibbons, Investment Banker

    * There are speculations that Mike Turner, U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 10th Congressional District, is also considering running.

On the other hand, the Democratic Field only includes 3 candidates so far

  1. Tim Ryan, United States Representative for the 13th Congressional District of Ohio
  2. Morgan Harper, Former Senior Advisor at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  3. Demar Sheffey, 2017 Cleveland City Council Candidate

The primary favorite will compete in the 2002 US Senate race on the party ticket

For now, those are the candidates, but watch out for other candidates who might join in the future of both parties, as the primary is still a long way off.

2022 Ohio Senate polls: latest polls

So far, the following surveys have been carried out

A) Republican primary

Josh Mandel has been leading in all polls so far so far, but JD Vance has slowly caught up with him in overtime over the past few months.

According to WPA Intelligence survey

  • Josh Mandel leads with 40%, JD Vance coming in second with 12%.
  • Mandel has 79% recognition of identity among Republican primary voters, up from 69% in February.
  • Mandel has strong favorable ratings of 49% against only 13% unfavorable ratings.
  • Mike Gibbons has moderately high brand awareness at 39% of primary voters, Jane Timken and JD Vance have only 23% brand awareness.

According to the last Fabrizio, lee and associative survey

  • Josh Mandel leads at 21% with JD Vance in second place 12%
  • Half of the voters are undecided, this race is still wide open and ANY candidate with the right message and the right resources to get that message out can win this election.

According to Remington Research Group which was carried out in June

  • Josh Mandel leads 35% with Jane Timken in second (16%)

B) Democratic Primary

So far, no poll has been taken in this primary, but Tim Ryan, who is considered a moderate, received the most mentions compared to the other 2 candidates and is considered the undisputed leader of this race so far. ‘now.

Chances are he will easily win the primary based on existing trends.

Racial Demographics of Ohio



White American (non-Hispanic)




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Hispanic American






Racial demographics of the United States according to the ACS

2022 Ohio Senate Polls: Breaking News


18 – JD Vance says economics experts, small businesses should be part of pandemic talks

The 17th Dems struggle to find candidates

A conversation with JD Vance

Jane Timken answers questions about jobs, broadband and COVID-19

If reproductive choice matters in Ohio, I’m the right candidate for the U.S. Senate at the right time: Morgan Harper

16th – Vance focuses on issues at home during Senate campaign

JD Vance and Claremont Institute file amicus brief in Ohio lawsuit against Google

14th- Senator Josh Hawley endorses JD Vance

4th- There is a new trend in the Democratic Senate primaries: they exist

2nd – Exclusive: one-on-one with US Senate candidate Josh Mandel as the elections heat up

1st – Robert Lightizer, administrator of Trump. sales representative approves JD Vance

GOP hopefuls fight for Trump’s favor in Ohio Senate race

GOP Senate candidates take inspiration from Trump’s playbook as they fight for populist title

2022 Ohio Senate polls: latest tweets, videos and announcements

Originally tweeted by Steve Cortes (@CortesSteve) to September 17, 2021.

Tonight Hillbilly Elegy author and Senate candidate OH @ JDVance1 joins our show to discuss Biden’s border crisis, as well as his plans to confront the abusive Big Techs.

9 p.m. ET on Newsmax TV, tune in!


Originally tweeted by Morgan Harper (@ mh4oh) to September 17, 2021.

Putting workers first means denying companies’ CAP money. I give priority to workers.

Originally tweeted by Josh Mandel (@JoshMandelOhio) to September 17, 2021.

GRANVILLE, OH – 300+ Patriots and standing room only for the Licking Conservative Club!

America will be saved in churches and barns – not in country clubs and RINO’s Republican offices!

Jack Murphy’s interview with JD Vance

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